3 Reasons CPA Should Provide “Out of Hours Support”

If you provide online bookkeeping services to small and medium-sized businesses and want to add a USP to your credentials, then consider offering out of hours support to clients. Bookkeeping and accounting experts that work with businesses without sharing the same physical location can make their operations more flexible by offering out of hours or round the clock client support.

<pstyle=”text-align:justify; font-style:normal;”>Let’s see why a CPA should enlist “out of hours” support in his/her offered services.

1) You Will Be Able to Serve Clients in Different Time Zones

If you are running an online accounting firm then you have an edge to provide services to businesses irrespective of their location. However, time is one thing that can restrict your operations to some extent.  For instance, if you have a New York-based firm, then you might not be able to fully serve businesses in California if the firm only works during office hours.  

By offering out of hours support, you can overcome this constraint of the time zone. In other words, you will be able to rope in more clients from all the different states or even countries if you can serve them at any time of the day.

2) It’s Gets Easier to Meet Deadlines

If you are working with clients while helping them in filing taxes near the deadlines, then out of hours support can come in really handy. You can actually save your clients from late tax filing penalties. Clients who are looking for last-minute tax preparation will certainly choose a CPA with ‘out of hours’ support over others. such as My Count Solutions.

3) You Get an Edge Over Existing and Established CPA s

If you are new to the online scene of bookkeeping and tax preparation service providers, then making your services available for extended hours can give you an edge over existing players of the field. People looking for ad hoc and instant accounting assistance might choose you over well-known names.

How Online Dashboards Can Help You With That?

Besides dedicating yourself to work, a robust online accounting portal can also help you in streamlining out of hours support. It can help you in collecting and sending clients’ data through secure channels on cloud storage at any time of the day.  Moreover, you can also get formal approval on documents from clients from any location and after working hours in the form of e-signatures.

My CPA Dashboard is one such online portal that would help you in extending out of hours accounting and bookkeeping support to customers in a better manner. It’s a complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite for CPAs serving small businesses.