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Ditch Paperwork with
Secure Online
Document Storage

It’s time to opt for the convenient option to maintain quality accounting work with integrated online document storage powered by cloud backup.

How it Works

Unlock the power of our client portal featuring 24/7 online cloud storage for all your financial data backups. It’s not just secure; it’s speedy and minimizes the risk of document damage. My CPA Dashboard is more than your run-of-the-mill software. Give our demo a shot today!

Exceptional Features of Online
Document Storage

Explore the advantages of utilizing My CPA Dashboard, where online document storage is just one
of the standout features. Each functionality is designed to streamline accounting tasks and boost
productivity, ensuring your data remains secure and accessible at all times.

Effortless Accessibility

Experience swift access to your documents
stored in the cloud with high-speed performance, ensuring you get what you need when you need it

Tailored Folder Organization

Organize your documents efficiently by utilizing existing folders or creating custom ones to suit your specific requirements.

Quality Printing on Demand

Need a hard copy? No problem. Print any saved document at your convenience with the printing option.

Intelligent Text Search

Effortlessly navigate through your files using names, tags, or even text within the document, making file search and retrieval a breeze.

Crystal-Clear eSignatures

Save and reuse your one-time eSignature for any document requiring your authorization, providing a clear and efficient way to grant approvals.

Seamless Cloud Integration

Rest easy knowing that the latest in cloud storage technology takes care of your online document backups, ensuring robust and reliable data protection.

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