Online Document Storage


Everything You Need To Know About Online Document Storage.

MY CPA Dashboard Gives you space to store and share your important files and documents securely

To keep your confidential or personal data secured, cloud storage is always the top priority of successful business owners all over the world. Using online storage, you can access all your data safely without using any physical storage medium. Our Online document storage allows you to securely store documents and files online to share within your company, with remote workforce and business partners.

If you are selecting a cloud service for your business, first you consider your individual needs. There are plenty of online document storage providers. My CPA dashboard comes up with tailor-made online storage for your accountancy requirements.

Top 4 Benefits of using Online Document Storage


Employees can work from anywhere

Online storage data allow employees to work from anywhere where there is an internet connection, which will enhance productivity. You can add and share files with your team mates to maintain good flow of your work.

Moreover, it allows you to view and edit your files. This provides a good aid or accountants to keep and update records regularly without downloading and creating abundant file versions.


No server maintenance

One of the greatest benefit you get from using an online storage service is that, you don’t need to hire IT staff or consultants to maintain a server for all your digital data. Our server is maintained from back end.

We provide easy to use services for our clients and our servers have 99.9% up time ensuring the full time availability for our clients.


Money Saving

Cost is a big reason why many companies use online data storage services over in-house options, since managing servers in-house is much expensive as compared to outsourcing it.

By keeping in view the current trends, we made flexible plans, each plan comes up with a reliable online storage limit depending upon the type of package you select.


Data Security

Every year, the threats of different cyber-attacks are becoming widely spread. By using cloud data storage, you will become eternally immune to these cyber attacks.

We understand the sensitivity of financial data used by accountants. Security is our core priority, as it is a main reason for the client to trust on service providers for their data.