About us

We just wanted to have a more organized accounting practice

How did we come up with the idea

The idea for My CPA Dashboard was born out of frustration. Our founders owned accounting practices that caters to small businesses, doing everything from bookkeeping to payroll. We struggled with collecting data and communicating with our clients. It seemed like an uphill battle, and we were tired of wasting time sifting through emails, tracking down data, and requesting documents.

About Us

Then My CPA Dashboard was born.

About Us

Team strength

Our team used the accounting technology to stay organized, collect data, and communicate with clients. It didn’t take long to realize we had something special, though. We realized it could help other accountants just like us, so we decided to offer the software to other firms, as well.

Who we help

CPAs, Accountants, Bookkeepers and Tax Professionals who cater to small businesses

And here we are working
with you towards your success

We didn’t start out with the mission to develop game-changing accounting firm technology, but that’s what we did. The success of My CPA Dashboard shows the power of technology when it’s created by someone inside of the industry. By creating software to meet our own needs, we met the needs of countless other Accountatnt, CPAs, bookkeepers, and tax professionals.