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We want to empower you
in running a streamlined
accounting practice

The inspiration behind My CPA Dashboard originated from a frustration with
inefficient accounting workflows. Born out of the challenges faced in managing
small business accounting practices, from bookkeeping to payroll, the struggle was
real. The constant battle involved sifting through emails, tracking down data, and
requesting documents from clients. The goal was clear: to establish a more
organized and efficient approach to accounting. Enter My CPA Dashboard, a solution
designed to simplify and enhance the accounting experience.

Managing an accounting
practice can be challenging,
so we built My CPA Dashboard
to make the process simple
and secure

We embraced the accounting dashboard to stay organized, collect data, and communicate seamlessly with our clients. Soon, we realized our system was exceptional. Inspired to share the goodness, we extended our CPA software to fellow firms like ours. It’s our way of spreading positive vibes in the accounting world!

Who we help

Small business CPAs, accountants, bookkeepers, and tax pros are all about our software.
It’s like their secret weapon for making accounting a breeze. Funny thing is, we didn’t set out
to create this game-changing accounting software, but that’s exactly what happened. My CPA
Dashboard is proof that when you craft tech from inside the industry, magic can happen.
We made it to solve our own problems, and turns out, it’s solving the headaches for tons of
other accountants, CPAs, bookkeepers, and tax pros too!




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