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MY CPA Dashboard is a complete crm solution for accountants and enables you to bill your clients easily.

Following are few benefits of
using My CPA Dashboard

For CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers on the hunt for a top-notch CRM, My CPA Dashboard is about
to blow your mind. It offers a range of budget-friendly subscription plans, featuring a robust client
portal, invoicing, a client subscription plan creator, and secure cloud storage. And guess what? Need
seamless integration with a payment gateway, like Stripe? We’ve got you covered. Whether you’re running
your practice, offering services to clients, or both, this CRM is your go-to. The cherry on top? You can
easily charge your fee directly to your clients. It’s professional convenience at its finest!

Stripe integration

We offer seamless integration of the popular payment gateway, Stripe, with your CRM account to streamline payment processes and client charging. Utilizing Stripe enables you to bill your clients without incurring any fees through our platform, ensuring a cost-free transaction.

Subscription Types

Customize subscription plans for clients, incorporating flexible terms like weekly or monthly arrangements aligned with engagement agreements. Conveniently impose one-time fees as needed.

Client Portal

We ditched the paper avalanche! Our client portal is your secure online HQ, replacing endless emails with document sharing, real-time updates, and happy clients. Ditch the chaos, embrace ease – experience communication clarity like never before.


Tired of invoice mayhem? We’ve got your back. Create professional invoices in seconds, get paid instantly with Stripe (no hidden fees!), and say goodbye to late payments. Our free invoicing and payment platform keeps things simple, so you can focus on what matters – your clients. Sign up and say hello to effortless accounting!