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Effortless Financial
Management with
My CPA Dashboard

Discover the perfect client portal software designed to meet all your financial requirements. Simplify your financial statements and optimize cash flow seamlessly with the exceptional features of My CPA Dashboard.

Client Portal Software Overview

Our Client Portal Software offers a comprehensive solution tailored to your financial needs. Automate
financial statements and enhance cash flow management effortlessly with the advanced capabilities
of My CPA Dashboard.

Transparency and Client Empowerment

Grant your clients easy access to their projects, contracts, services, and accounts through our Client Portal Software. Improve transparency and empower clients to navigate and manage their affairs independently with on-demand access to the services you provide.

Organized Document Folders

Efficiently organize financial reports and documents in customized folders, arranged chronologically on a yearly or monthly basis. The client can easily locate old documents within the systematically arranged folders.

Meeting Urgent Deadliness

Never miss a work deadline with the CPA client portal. My CPA Dashboard allows accountants to set jobs to repeat with custom scheduling functions, ensuring timely preparation of financial statements and meeting deadlines consistently.

User-Friendly Dashboard

Navigate the client portal effortlessly with an intuitive and user-friendly dashboard. My CPA Dashboard’s simple structure enables both accountants and clients to access filters, sort data, and search seamlessly, ensuring a smooth user experience when needed.

Team Progress Tracking

Stay informed and avoid surprises by keeping a close eye on the team’s progress through the CPA client portal. Track work progress, monitor invoice status, and stay updated on the work schedule. My CPA Dashboard makes it easy to stay on top of your team’s performance.

Cash Flow Management

Efficiently manage cash flows for your clients by keeping a solid track of workflow progress. Stay on top of progress reports to identify early needs or strategize for the future of your client’s business.

Efficient Accounting in

My CPA Dashboard is not just a software; it’s a powerful tool designed to simplify,
streamline, and elevate your accounting experience.

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My CPA Dashboard Client Keeping the Firm on Track with Pro Features

Document Sharing

Simplify deadline stress by effortlessly uploading, downloading, and editing documents through the client portal.

Custom Invoice

Accountants can charge clients with personalized invoice subscriptions for a tailored billing experience.

Multiple Access

Enable seamless file sharing with multiple users through email and attachments for convenient access.

Tracking Progress

Effortlessly monitor employee activity, working hours, and performance on the dashboard for maximum productivity.

Encrypted Information

Ensure secure communication by sending encrypted emails directly from your dashboard to clients.

Payroll Frequency

Customize payroll according to your client's needs using the client portal's flexible features.

Efficient Cloud Storage

Enjoy unlimited uploads and downloads of financial documents with all three subscription plans.

Custom Recurrence

Set jobs to repeat daily, monthly, or yearly as needed, offering flexibility for your team.

Progress Report

Gain quick insights into how a client's financial statements impact their growth and balance their cash flow.

Users Collaboration

Stay connected with your team by sending messages directly within My CPA Dashboard.

Crystal-Clear eSignatures

Save and reuse your one-time eSignature for any document requiring your authorization, providing a clear and efficient way to grant approvals.

Enhanced Security

Forward secure information via encrypted emails directly from your dashboard, ensuring client confidentiality and compliance.