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Effortless and
Secure File Sharing
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Take a proactive step towards securing your business and fostering
smart growth with our online secure file sharing service. Safeguard
your files with confidence using My CPA Dashboard.

Discover a one-stop solution that not only enhances your client’s business
growth but also boosts your profits significantly. My CPA Dashboard ensures
confidentiality by encrypting and securing financial documents for clients.

Inside the Secure
File Sharing Process

Secure File Sharing

Make the most of our online client portal for secure and streamlined file sharing. Eliminate the delays associated with sending or receiving crucial documents. CPAs and accountants now can securely share files with clients through our cloud-based portal. Experience not only secure file sharing but also convenient document storage at your fingertips.

Easy Acces to Files

Enjoy the convenience of accessing files anytime, anywhere. The online client portal is highly secure, providing constant backups for a safe user experience. Accountants have the flexibility to grant limited access to specific users, fostering easy collaboration through the mobile app and online portal.

Cloud Storage

Never worry about running out of space with My CPA Dashboard. It offers
a comprehensive accounting solution with secure online file storage
and cloud backup available 24/7. Sharing files is a breeze with just a few clicks, and the system saves all previous document versions for easy retrieval.

Basic to Complex Compliance Strategies

My CPA Dashboard aligns with the latest accounting practices for all business types. Clients have secure access to the portal and documents, while accountants can navigate the dashboard with an easy-to-use interface, implementing the latest strategies and preparing progress reports seamlessly.

App Integration at Your Fingertips

My CPA Dashboard distinguishes itself as premier accounting software, providing a secure pathway for online file sharing. With features meticulously crafted, the platform ensures a seamless and secure accounting experience tailored to the needs of professionals. Experience the epitome of efficiency and security in your accounting workflows with My CPA Dashboard.

App Integrations
A Click Away
from Secure
Shared Portal

My CPA Dashboard is one of the leading accounting
software offering the accountants, bookkeepers, and
CPAs a safe passage for secure file sharing online. The
secure file sharing features are designed to provide a
seamless accounting experience to every professional

Inside the Secure
File Sharing Process

Limited Users Access

Control file access and permissions effortlessly with options for share, limited, or delete access between users.

Progress Reports

Generate activity reports at the end of each month, making it easy to update stakeholders on recent changes.

Email Notifications

Set up alerts with ease to notify clients or users about work tasks and file sharing through automatic notifications.

Upload e-Signature

Expedite document signing with an exclusive e-signature feature, ensuring readiness for the next stage.

Prepare & Send Invoices

Efficiently prepare bills, categorize them, and manage contracts, bills, and receipts, converting them into final invoices.

Custom File Folders

Organize progress reports, upload or download files with custom-made file folders for better categorization.

Cloud Storage Backup

Benefit from secure online cloud storage, ensuring seamless access for accountants and clients during tasks.

Privileged Client Portal

Facilitate collaborations and communication with clients through timely and secure file-sharing services.

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