Secure File Sharing

Secure File Sharing Begins in Simple Steps

Evaluate and protect your business using the online secure file sharing service for smart growth in the near future. Keep your files safe and secure with My CPA Dashboard.

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An easy one-stop solution that offers a competitive edge to a client’s business growth with secure file sharing options can quadruple your profits big time. Confidentiality for documents matters and so My CPA Dashboard makes it possible for the clients to keep their financial documents encrypted and safe.

Inside Working of Secure File Sharing

Secure File Sharing

Use of Online Client Portal for Secure File Sharing

No need to wait for sending and receiving the files or any important document over time. The online client portal is the safe ground for CPAs, bookkeepers, and accountants alike to share the files with their clients. The cloud-based client portal allows easy access to store the documents. Protecting your financial documents and information with a secure sharing online portal keeps things simple.

Easy Access to Files

Easy Access to Files Open Collaboration with Client

The convenience of easy access to files from any time and anywhere is a relief factor for the client and accountant both. The online client portal is highly secured. Therefore the security is kept in check, backups are running constantly to ensure a safe user experience to share and upload files online. Accountants have the authority to provide limited access to important files to specific users. One can easily collaborate with the mobile app and online client portal.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage is One Stop Solution for File Sharing

Space will never run out with My CPA Dashboard. It’s the right accounting solution for every business. The secure sharing portal allows online file storage, cloud storage backup for any time of the day. Sharing files is easy with just a few clicks. Documents are saved with all previous versions, therefore accessing even an old document is possible without any worries.

Basic to complex

Basic to Complex Compliance Strategies

The accounting world is ever-changing. My CPA Dashboard is based on the latest accounting practices for all business types. It gives the power to the clients to have secure access to the portal and documents. Accountants can run the dashboard with an easy-to-use interface, implement the latest strategies, prepare progress reports among other tasks.

App Integration is Just A Click Away from Secure Share Portal

My CPA Dashboard is one of the leading accounting software offering the accountants, bookkeepers, and CPAs a safe passage for secure file sharing online. The secure file sharing features are designed to provide a seamless accounting experience to every professional

Streamlined Secure File Sharing Features for Every Business

Limited Users Access

Control the file access and permissions in just one click. Choose from share, limited, or delete access from one user to another.

Progress Reports

Generate the activity reports at the end of every month. Updating the recent changes is easier and safer.

Email Notifications

Easy to set alerts are possible. Notify the client or user about the work tasks and file sharing with the automatic notifications.

Upload e-Signature

Get the online documents signed and ready to roll for the next stage with an exclusive e Signature feature.

Prepare & Send Invoices

Prepare the bills, categorize them and manage the contracts, bills, and receipts as final invoices with quick efficiency.

Custom File Folders

Prepare the progress reports, upload or download the files in custom-made file folders to better categorize them

Cloud Storage Backup

Online cloud storage keeps the data secure for use by accountants and clients without any hiccups during the tasks.

Privileged Client Portal

The collaborations and communication with clients are directly due to secure file-sharing services in a timely manner.