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Effortless Document
Signing with My CPA
Dashboard's eSignature

Experience a seamless process of uploading, signing, and achieving success
with the revolutionary eSignature feature by My CPA Dashboard. Say goodbye
to the complexities of paperwork – eSignature is just a click away.

Empower your remote work with speed, efficiency, and simplicity. Forget the
hassle of physically delivering documents and waiting for their return. The online
eSignature feature enables clients to upload signatures promptly when needed.
It’s the contemporary way to reach conclusive agreements during meetings, making
the entire process proactive and efficient. My CPA Dashboard takes the lead in
managing documents and file transfers, ensuring a minimal time investment for
uploading eSignatures.

Avail the Benefits of the
e-Signature Process

eSignature is an asset for clients looking for a quick solution. Speed up and accelerate the
agreements, eliminate the manual work and make the online work assembling faster. My CPA
Dashboard facilitates CPA, accountants, and bookkeepers to maintain data consistency with fast

Faster Business

Effortlessly send e-sign documents online, ensuring swift finalization within hours. Signed documents are promptly stored in a secure database with restricted access for enhanced confidentiality.

High-level Efficiency

My CPA Dashboard enhances efficiency for CPAs by eliminating manual tasks through its exclusive eSignature feature, providing quick online accounting solutions.


Save on the hard costs associated with using paper. eSignature eliminates the need for physical document downloads, contributing to improved employee productivity.

Document Visibility

Keep track of document status effortlessly. Organize signed and unsigned documents in separate folders and set automatic reminders for eSignature uploads.

Integrations Leading to APIs

eSignature seamlessly integrates and connects with various systems and tools, enabling accountants and CPAs to efficiently track documents with eSignature uploads.

Lawful and Court Admissible

The eSignature feature fully complies with legal regulations, ensuring the authenticity of documents. Documents signed with eSignature are admissible for audits, providing legal credibility.

Verify and
Connect Faster
with e-Signature

Transforming data into decisions is now ten times faster with virtual signatures. eSignature facilitates a better understanding of data-driven decisions, allowing accounting experts to enhance the signer journey without the challenges of manual paper trails. Optimize the quality of financial documents, agreements, and contracts effortlessly with My CPA Dashboard’s eSignature.

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