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Now a days, off shore businesses are on peak. Every consent and every authorization requires signature. Due to distant businesses, digitalization overlapped the business processes. Here comes the e- signatures rather than conventional physical signatures. My CPA Dashboard provides E-SIGNATURE feature for our worthy clients.

E-Signatures save time signing documents online, My CPA dashboard’s built-in eSignature features give you a perfect experience for signing documents online anytime, anywhere.

Why e-Signature?

It Improve processing speed, There are many ways that electronic signatures can streamline and accelerate the processing speed, some of them are as follows

A) A digital signature is good for the long term of the contract’s life, doing away with repetitive signing.

B) Negotiations can be accelerated because each step in the process is authenticated and easily accessed by all the different parties, so critical issues can be flagged and tracked until the very final execution.

C) Even if the parties are geographically diverse, signatures are now done electronically so that, there is no delay in updating or executing contracts.

Reduction of transaction costs

The automated processes of electronic signing can reduce the financial impact of human error such as signing mistakes, which as you know can slow down the process or cause eventual costly problems.

Also, don’t forget the obvious savings on items such as paper, copying, packaging, and shipping. These costs may seem minimal, but they add up.

Enhanced Security

Another advantage of e-signatures is that there is less worry about security than with paper signature, which can easily be meddle with. Also such electronic signing capability can automatically detect even minor altering and record more data points than paper.