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Streamline your entire accounting firm routine with CPA solutions made by
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Why Choose My CPA

Streamline your bookkeeping effortlessly by gathering files from clients, securely storing them,
and sharing with the right folks. It’s user-friendly and a breeze to get the hang of. Simplify your
bookkeeping process by collecting files effortlessly.

Online Document Storage

Ever fret about lost paper trails or remote server crashes? As a business owner, your data deserves the best protection. Enter the cloud, your personal fortress in the digital sky. Our easy-to-use online document storage lets you seamlessly upload, store, and access your vital files – contracts, invoices, client details, you name it – all from any device, anywhere. Forget bulky hardware and tangled cables.

Secure File Sharing

When it comes to sharing crucial documents with clients, employees, or partners, My CPA Dashboard offers a simple, all-in-one CPA solution for securely storing and sharing files in the cloud.

Client Portal

Let your clients dive into their projects, contracts, services, and accounts hassle-free with our Client Connection Hub. It’s like a window into our world that makes everything clear and easy for them. Your clients get the freedom to access our services whenever they need them.


My CPA dashboard provides comprehensive payroll solutions, streamlining the entire process to ensure efficiency and accuracy. Through automated payroll processing, compliance checks, and a user-friendly employee self-service portal, our platform simplifies payroll management.

Billing and Plans

For CPAs, accountants, and bookkeepers seeking a CRM that boosts efficiency, look no further than My CPA Dashboard. Accessible through budget-friendly subscription plans, it offers a comprehensive client portal, invoicing capabilities, a client subscription plan creator, and secure cloud storage.

Easily Assign Tasks

Simplify internal task assignment within your team using the task assignment feature in My CPA Dashboard. External task assignments to your clients are also a breeze, allowing you to prompt them to share particular documents or pose specific questions through the CRM portal at your convenience.

Bank Account Integrations

Inputting bank transactions manually can be a tedious job for any accountant, demanding complete attention. A single mistake could have repercussions on your entire sheet. My CPA Dashboard comes to the rescue by automating this process with a bank account synchronizer, making your financial tasks a breeze.


In the age of remote work and global businesses, dealing with signatures can be a bit tricky. But fear not! My CPA Dashboard brings you the magic of e-signatures. No more paper, just smooth sailing through the consent and authorization process. It’s your shortcut to a more straightforward and efficient way of doing things.


A very unique and intrinsic CRM
for accountants to manage their
tasks related to information

Shale tax Services

No one can wonder how tough the life of Accountants is. After I bought MY CPA Dashboard, I feel a bit relaxed while carrying out my workflow

Pryme Pay

First I bought a starter plan, after my clients were incremented, I directly bought an enterprise plan. Efficiency in accounting processess enticed me to spend more.

My Count Solutions

A very unique and intrinsic CRM for accountants to manage their tasks related to IT.

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