Assign Tasks

Easily Assign Tasks in a Few Clicks

Share the documents, upload the work assignments, appoint the tasks, My CPA Dashboard brings the sustainable feature to divide the workforce in a strategic way.

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My CPA Dashboard generates high power authority for accountants in just a few clicks to assign tasks to team players. Automating documents, cash flow, making progress reports and much more is a lot easier with the online platform. The assigned task feature of My CPA Dashboard is the centralized authority only in use by the original accountant.

Easily Assign Tasks With My CPA Dashboard

Manage the team with all types of tasks with My CPA Dashboard. A great online platform to collaborate all financial tasks under one roof makes bookkeeping and accounting simple, faster, and efficient.

Recurring Tasks

Assign tasks more than one in just one click. Mark a task of interest, choose the next task and click on the option to repeat the task on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. The assigned team member will be notified once the date of recurring tasks approaches.

One-Time Tasks

Special financial tasks are easy to assign. Set up the date of execution and completion and choose the work nominee. Assign tasks in one single click! Setting a one-time task with My CPA Dashboard is straightforward. Contact us for more details.

Easy Assign Task Feature Grants Freedom to Maintain Financial Statements

Payroll Tasks 

Time to reduce paperwork with My CPA Dashboard is now possible. The payroll tasks are processed by the senior accountant. Balance the financial queries and reconcile the payroll data, deposit, and report for taxes right on time. Assign task feature compliments the payroll system.

Bookkeeping Tasks

Overseeing the company’s financial data and compliance is easy to maintain with an easy assigned task feature. Perform the duties like monthly financial reports, general ledger entries, payments, and adjustments with the bookkeeping tasks that can be one-time or recurring tasks.

Accounts Payable Tasks

Accountants can now complete the payments, control expenses by receiving, processing, and verifying the invoices with ease. The accounts payable tasks help to process the work by verifying the entries and comparing software-generated reports to the actual balances.


Easy task feature benefits the accountant to defer, minimize, or the major taxes. Assigning tax documents to clientele is just a few clicks of your time. My CPA Dashboard allows the accountants to do their client’s taxes in a professional and efficient manner by assigning the task to the required team member.

Task Reports

Easy assigned task allows pre-formatting the document containing the financial information about multiple financial reports. Accountants can have no diversity task report in a balanced way among the team members and share the reports on time with clients.

Easy Assign Task Inaugurate Team Management

Crucial High-Level Financial Management

Solving financial heated discussions into action is possible with an assigned task feature that allows accountants to manage the online team of junior accountants.

Assign Tasks Helps to Model and Remodel Cash Flow

Keep track of the ingoing and outgoing cash by strategically and easily assign task features to model and remodeling purposes.

Easy to Automate Recurring Tasks are The Key

Save time, effort, and energy by choosing the automated recurring task option at the time of dividing the task. Appoint the recurring tasks to the most efficient individual.

Stress-free Tasks Appointments is the New Experience

Make the accounting and bookkeeping task a stress-free job thanks to the assigned task easier. Managing the business online and in practice is a digital revolution in the accounting world.

Basic Leadership Means More Quality Control

Senior accountants or CPAs can now manage their team, maintain financial reporting and quality control with the online exclusive features thanks to My CPA Dashboard.