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Effortlessly Delegate Tasks
with My CPA Dashboard

Sharing documents, assigning work tasks, and organizing your team’s
workload becomes a breeze with My CPA Dashboard’s intuitive features,
designed to strategically distribute tasks for sustainable workflow

Seamless Task Management
with My CPA Dashboard

Take charge of your team and streamline all financial tasks under one virtual roof with My CPA Dashboard.
It transforms bookkeeping and accounting into a simple, faster, and efficient process.

Recurring Tasks

Assigning tasks repeatedly is simplified with a single click. Mark a task of interest, select the next task, and set it to repeat on a weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. The assigned team member receives timely notifications as the date for recurring tasks approaches.

One-Time Tasks

Assigning special financial tasks is a breeze. Set execution and completion dates, choose the work nominee, and click once to assign the task. Setting up a one-time task with My CPA Dashboard is straightforward and hassle-free.

Inaugurate Team

My CPA Dashboard generates high power authority for accountants in just a few clicks to assign tasks to team
players. Automating documents, cash flow, making progress reports and much more is a lot easier with the online
platform. The assigned task feature of My CPA Dashboard is the centralized authority only in use by the original

Payroll Tasks

Reduce paperwork with My CPA Dashboard as senior accountants manage payroll tasks efficiently. Balance financial queries, reconcile payroll data, and ensure timely deposits and tax reporting. The task assignment feature complements the payroll system.

Bookkeeping Tasks

Oversee the company’s financial data and compliance effortlessly with the easy task assignment feature. Handle monthly financial reports, general ledger entries, payments, and adjustments with ease, whether they are one-time or recurring tasks.

Accounts Payable Tasks

Complete payments, control expenses, and verify invoices seamlessly with the accounts payable tasks feature. Accountants can process work by verifying entries and comparing software-generated reports to actual balances.


Effortlessly defer, minimize, or manage major taxes with the easy task assignment feature. Assign tax documents to clients in just a few clicks, enabling accountants to handle client taxes professionally and efficiently.

Task Reports

Pre-format financial information reports with ease using the task assignment feature. Ensure a balanced distribution of task reports among team members and timely sharing with clients.

High-Level Financial Management

Resolve financial discussions into actionable tasks, allowing accountants to efficiently manage online teams of junior accountants.

Cash Flow Modeling and Remodeling

Keep track of incoming and outgoing cash strategically by utilizing the easy task assignment features for modeling and remodeling purposes.

Automated Recurring Tasks

Save time and energy by automating recurring tasks during task assignment. Appoint recurring tasks to the most efficient team members effortlessly.

Stress-Free Task Appointments

Make accounting and bookkeeping tasks stress-free with the easy task assignment feature. Managing business both online and in practice is a revolutionary experience in the accounting world.

Quality Control through Basic Leadership

Empower senior accountants and CPAs to manage their teams, maintain financial reporting, and exercise quality control using the exclusive online features provided by My CPA Dashboard.

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