CRM for Accountants

World of Frozen Dessert – Do’s and Don’ts of Doing Gelato Business

Knowing exactly what you want in a frozen dessert can be a frosty confusion when your taste is not as refined as others. An inexperienced frozen palette is pretty much normal but there’s not only Gelato at the top shelf.  There’s frozen custard, sherbet, sorbets, shaved snow,..shot fro-yo even! So you see? A lot goes …

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best client portal for accountants

7 Steps To Maintain The Best Client Portal For Accountants

Naturally, when accountants use client portals they want to use an easy dashboard interface. Technology pairing with the best client portal for accountants was not successful overnight. It took time to prepare, leverage the work automation for accountants and provide the best cloud storage platform for accounting firms. Using client portals brings in a lot …

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Freelancers that May Need Your CPA Services - My CPA Dashboard

Freelancers that May Need Your CPA and Accounting Services

3 Types of Freelancers that May Need Your CPA Services and You Should target Freelancers? Freelancers are “the jack of all trades and master of some”. Apart from offering expertise and delivering service in certain niches, they also take care of many aspects of their self-employed work model. Nonetheless, bookkeeping, accounting, and tax preparation are …

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mobile responsive

How Can A Mobile-Responsive Website Boost Your Online CPA Services?

If you have decided to foray into the domain of online accounting and bookkeeping services, make sure you carry out this transition in full force and with all the necessary elements. For instance, your online accounting and bookkeeping venture will need a website and not just a page with bare-minimum features. Your online CPA website …

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