Bank Account Integration


Bank Account Integration

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Manually adding bank transactions is an extremely difficult task for every accountant. Not only difficult, this task requires your complete attention. One mistake may affect your whole sheet. By keeping in view such factors. MY CPA Dashboard comes up with bank account synchronizer.

My CPA Dashboard synchronize directly with your bank in order to fetch all bank statements imported automatically in My CPA Dashboard every. Synchronization process takes place after every couple of hours. We enlisted all supporting banks. You have to find your bank in our list in order to integrate into My CPA Dashboard.

Following are two benefits of using My CPA Dashboard’s bank account synchronizer.


As discussed above, it takes a lot of time to add each and every transaction in accounting management system. My CPA Dashboard’s bank account synchronizer record each and every transaction. It then allows you to download transactions in .csv and .qbs file format. Instead of adding transactions manually in accounting management system like quickbooks, you can just upload .csv or .qbs file.  This will save lot of your time. Once uploaded, you just have to adjust transactions according to your will.

bank account integration
Risk and safety


Transactions will be recorded from back account. So, there is not a single chance of mistake of any transaction. Whereas manual entries may result in mistakes. This automated process will help accountants to complete work quickly without fear of possible errors.