3 Tips to Effectively Market Your Online Payroll Services

At one hand, large organizations take care of payrolls of hundreds and sometimes thousands of their employees without a hitch. On the other hand, there are small businesses that struggle in keeping up with the payroll generation of even 10-12 employees.

Many SMEs operate without full-time accountants and established HR departments and all such ventures might require the services of your online bookkeeping firm. To particularly target those who require online payroll management and solution, you should factor in these elements.

1) As An Accountant, Ensure Them the Data Safety

Now when data has become a valuable commodity and its stealing has become one of the most lucrative prospects for criminals, businesses remain wary of using online accounting and bookkeeping services. So, when reaching out to businesses that are in need of online payroll management, make sure you put their reservations regarding digital security and data safety to rest.

There are online accounting firm portals that ensure secure file transfer and safe cloud storage. You can emphasize on these features while reaching out to clients needing payroll services. They might help in addressing the digital security concerns of your prospective payroll customers.

2) Expand and Sweeten Your Offer

Sometimes, the add-on services that you offer act as a tipping point for a prospective client in making the final decision. Let’s try to understand this with an example: When marketing your online payroll services to a target market, also add tax preparation service in a bundle deal. Similarly, the availability of features like electronic signature authorization and encrypted cloud storage can also act as a catalyst for the decision-making process of prospects.

3) Show Them Your Previous Payroll Work

Small businesses are also wary of the online bookkeeping firms that are entirely new in the domain. If you have prepared payrolls for small-scale businesses before going online, show it the prospective clients (with the permission of previous clients).

A person will be more inclined to trust you after seeing several different businesses as your accounts. Similarly, giving your website a professional look and offering portal services will also help in roping in payroll clients.

With the help of an accounting firm portal like My CPA Dashboard , you can establish and project a professional demeanour for the clients looking for online payroll services. It’s a complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite for CPAs serving small businesses.