3 Tips for Using LinkedIn for Online CPA Promotions

It’s now a well-established fact that social media is the backbone of any online marketing endeavor. You can’t think of having tangible promotional gains without getting traction on social media.  Though online accounting firms and CPAs are considered ‘niche’ digital ventures, they are in more need of social media exposure.

But there is a catch to this situation i.e. social media is now a large group of different platforms and you can’t put equal effort or gain equal traction from all of them at once. You need to settle on a couple of or better yet single platform and for online bookkeeping and tax preparation firms, LinkedIn is the most important social media website to work on.

Experts agree that for B2B promotions LinkedIn yields better results than SM giants such as Facebook and Twitter. Here, we are going to discuss some points that you should take care of while giving your accounting and bookkeeping business a boost on LinkedIn.

1) As An Accountant, Don’t Go With a Half-Hearted Mindset

It is observed that many businesses make a LinkedIn profile just for the sake of it. If you want to get something out of that digital presence, then go with complete conviction. For CPAs and firms offering bookkeeping for small businesses, it is really important to add their complete credentials and expertise of the field in their profiles.

Moreover, also mention those whom you have worked for in the past. Similarly, publishing content relevant content to your niches is another way to have an outstanding LinkedIn profile. Any such profile will allow your prospective client to have a quick scan of your business.

Having a constant proactive presence on LinkedIn will eventually unlock one of its invaluable features “ProFinder” as well.

2) Get Your Accountants to Post the Firm’s Content for Linkedin

LinkedIn’ social network thrives on connections and they will also aid you in the promotion of your online bookkeeping firm. For instance, get your employees to post on their personal profiles the accounting, tax preparation and bookkeeping content that you have curated over time.

A prospective client will be more interested in reading what his/her social connection is saying instead of paying heed to evident official marketing attempts. This subtle promotion will definitely result in better lead generation.

3) Show Visibility in Accounting and Bookkeeping Conversations

LinkedIn is a buzzing place for group conversations in all niches and industries. Your company profile can become a part of discussions entailing topics such as bookkeeping for small businesses, tax preparation, etc. This will give you better visibility and build your reputation among the right group of people.

MY CPA Dashboard is an online accounting portal and CRM suite. From online payroll management to secure e-signatures and cloud storage, you can offer a lot of handy services to your accounting and tax clients through it. Mentioning all these services in your LinkedIn profile will also yield better results in terms of roping in clients from there.