7 Importance of Workflow Using Client Portal Accounting Software

Client Portals are the fastest trending platforms in the business world today. They are highly useful for several organizations like healthcare providers, retail chains, universities, and accounting firms. The technology now has found some deep-rooted connections in the accounting world too. Hence, it’s not a surprise that accounting firms are keen on choosing the best client portal accounting software to enhance their customers’ experiences with them.

Technology is ever useful, and so is accounting software. Covid-19 shaped the new era of accounting. Firms are better equipped with remote management. But what’s the primary role of client portal accounting software in managing workflow?

This article will talk about understanding the accounting software, and how the workflow is better managed by using such online client portals.

What Is A Client Portal Accounting Software?

Before we dive into the details about client portal accounting software, first you need to understand where it begins.

Organizations use an extranet (a private network allowing partners and clients to gain access to the company’s information) but the users do not have access to the restricted (other) networks. An extranet is a highlight or top part of the company’s website. Only the approved users can access sensitive information about the business including IDs, and passwords.

Accounting Software

Client portals are the extractions within the extranet. It’s a system that lets the user engage with the company’s information and also fulfill the services for the clients.

Professional bookkeepers and accountants nowadays use the client accounting portal software to complete accounting tasks daily and generate the reports as per client’s requirements.

Is The Accounting Portal Similar To The Client Portal?

Client portals are the technological aids that help businesses keep up-to-date about their client’s information, manage the workflows, and whatnot.

So to answer the question – YES, accounting and client portals are the same, most of the time. Every professionally polished accounting software offers client portal features. Its built-in, fast, efficient and manages the work automation for accountants.

Client portal accounting software is best suitable for small businesses so that even with a small workforce, the workflow can be managed accordingly. Want to learn another best part?

Remote work is a spectacular advantage in pandemic times! Accountants and bookkeepers can stay connected with their firms and clients using the client portal software.

My CPA Dashboard is one of the prime examples that helps accounting firms thrive.

My CPA Portal

7 Too Hard To Ignore Importance Of Accounting Software In Workflow

Now that you have the idea of how client portal accounting software works, you still need to learn what these technological aids can do for your business.

Since small businesses are cautious with investing their money, they need to do thorough research about using accounting software.

Let’s take a look at vital factors that count in the favor of using the latest accounting software.

  1. High Collaboration

Are you looking to provide authentic reports at the end of the week or month to the clients? Accounting firms can benefit from work collaboration – an easy feature that helps accountants to piece together the financial puzzle.

Bookkeepers and accountants can provide clients the reports that consist of the required financial information that comes in handy in future financial strategies.

  1. Ease of Access

Client portals are well connected within both firms – the service providers and the clients. If you want your accounting firm to have easy access to the client’s financial documents, receipts, and so on, then client portal software will do the trick for you.

In case of any questions, troubleshooting, and mismanaged information, accountants can pick and place the details when given access. Therefore using the accounting software allows the professionals to use the correct information and assign tasks to the respective team.

  1. Work Management

As an accountant, how much time do you need to spend on a project? Usually, it takes a lot of awful hours, probably working those late hours too. So if you’d like to grow and sustain the growth, a client portal software will provide you the assistance just to do that.

Managing the workload and staff already takes a lot of time. So for better support and efficiency, the accounting software allows you to enjoy the mode of work automation.

  1. Workflow Transparency

Accountants are keen to automate their workflows. To achieve this goal, they use the client portal accounting software that offers transparency for all team members. You can say goodbye to constantly nagging your team members to follow up on the emails and work status completion.

To maintain workflow transparency, client portal software has an easy-to-use dashboard that allows team members and clients to be eye-to-eye about the completion of the task.

  1. Team Accountability

When transparency improves, so does the team’s accountability. An added benefit for accountants and bookkeepers is to stay in contact with each other through reminders, notifications, and emails. The information simply does not get lost in the midst of air so no one will have an excuse about not an uncompleted task.

Every team member will be accountable for their share of task completion.

  1. Track of Records

Whether the bookkeeping task is completed or uncompleted, the performance is visible on the dashboard. Using the accounting portals allows us to navigate through the reports, financial statements, task progress and also helps to evaluate the accountant’s and bookkeepers’ performance.

Tracking the workflow allows accountants to build trust and strong relationships with clients too. Accounting firms benefit from communicating with their clients but also can review the team performance by tracking the records.

  1. Delegation

Like any other firm, accounting services also want their services and skills to pay off. Highly organized instructions, detailed work descriptions, etc are all due to delegating. It helps to reduce the workload on accountants.

With the technological software on hand, the accounting form improves the work autonomy through delegation. Client portal accounting software is just one of the major keys to process streamlined productivity and better documentation.

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