How to Improve Accounting Clients’ User Experience (UX) —Part 2

We were discussing the fine and more detailed elements of an online CPA’s service delivery that can improve the user experience ux of their consumer base. Here are some more things that Accountant and Book Keepers should take into account.

Be Honest and Considerate with Payments for better user experience ux

Now, this is one of the more crucial issues on the user experience landscape. Notwithstanding your professional and winning services, you won’t be able to leave a pleasant last impression on clients if your payment structure doesn’t satisfy them.  Without going into the fine little details of how payment structures should work, we will share a couple of points that online accounting firms must factor in while charging their clients.

Accountants Should Not Treat Clients as Walking ATM’s

It’s you right to charge a fair amount for your bookkeeping, tax preparation, online payroll or whatever financial services you are offering. However, there is a way to do that—a way that can help you in shaping user experience ux in the right cast.  While devising a payment structure for clients, think like one of them.

Any customer pertaining to any business anywhere in the world strives to keep his/her expenses low. It’s a universal truth and you should work along with it. Set up your payment module where clients have some avenues to save money or where they can pay you with more convenience.

CPAs Should Be Upfront About Your Fees for better user experience ux

Customers hate it when their accountants have hidden and unexpected charges. Having fine print conditions about charges and fees is a recipe to sour your healthy relationship with clients. For that matter, always be upfront about every single cent you charge for your assorted bookkeeping and accounting services.

Be Unique and Different From Other CPAs

We all hear this time and again that a business should stand unique among its competitors to be successful. But how online CPAs can take this approach while improving their client’s user experience? The most effective thing a CPA can do in this regard is to integrate an accounting firm portal in its setup.

We are now available with state-of-the-art CRM suites and dashboards for CPAs that can help any online accounting firm to turn around the user experience UX of its pool of clients.  From cloud storage to secure file sharing and payroll management to e-signature authorization, there is a list of features that can improve the user experience of CPA clients to the next level.

My CPA Dashboard is one such accounting firm portal that can help you in giving your online bookkeeping firm a unique tangent that will eventually add up to the better user experience ux of your clients.