How to Improve Accounting Clients’ User Experience (UX) —Part 1

User experience is at the core of both the success and failure of a business. If a business can deliver positive user experience, then it will eventually be able to build a good standing with its clients and ensure its success. On the other hand, poor user experience can set the foundation of a downfall.

This universal rule remains the same for all those CPAs operating through online accounting and bookkeeping firms. While delivering required services professionally and cost-effectively (i.e. what is expected of you) directly translates into good user experiences, some nuances helps an online accounting firm to do better in this regard.

In this two-part blog post, we will discuss those seemingly trivial but practically vital elements of good user experience.

Work with a Customer Service Charter

A prospective client already knows what accounting services you are offering. Nonetheless, it is better if you work with a customer service charter. It is a sort of written policy that reflects your venture’s commitment to working with clients. A service charter let you pass on the scope, purpose, and standards of your operations in relation to customer service.

For an online accounting and bookkeeping firm, service charters similar to below lines can be used:

  • We strive to optimize the profitability of our clients
  • We offer 100% paperless accounting services

Such short and straight messages give clients a sense of security and dependability regarding your business and add up to the bigger picture of user experience.

For Accountants Communication is the Key

It is always challenging to devise effective communication with clients while working as an online CPA. When you are dealing with someone’s finances, your exemplary accounting and bookkeeping services won’t be good enough to define your client’s user experience (UX) . For that matter, always be strongly proactive when it comes to client communication.

Even if you are not doing any work for them at the moment, keep in touch with them and regularly take updates regarding their financial work. The constant presence of an accounting and tax expert even on the telephone or social media can help clients to feel they are covered.

CPAs Always Go an Extra Mile For User Experience (UX)

There is a prevailing misconception that CPAs and clients have a robotic, no-nonsense relationship where a particular number of services are given at a specific price. This is not true. Even if it is, you need to do things differently to stand apart among fellow CPAs.

For instance, if you do online payroll management and other bookkeeping chores for a client all year round, then there is no harm in offering pro bono tax preparation. Not only does such pleasant user experience (UX) help you in retaining customers but it also paves the way for the new ones.

Such out-of-the-way favors to your clients may look quite bothersome in the beginning but eventually, you will approve of their high return on investment.

My CPA Dashboard is one such accounting firm portal that can help you in giving your online bookkeeping firm a unique tangent that will eventually add up to the better user experience of your clients.

In the next part, we will look at more things that CPAs should take into account in order to improve clients’ user experience (UX) .

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