How To Get Bookkeeping Clients: 10 Essential Tips

Most accountants have a love-hate relationship with finding new clients. They enjoy higher earnings, but the prospect of wasting a lot of time on ineffective leads is horrifying. In reality, business owners should be focusing most of their efforts on how to get bookkeeping clients.

It’s safe to state that there is a critical need for bookkeepers. Thousands of people were inspired to launch their own enterprises by the outbreak. A significant number of new prospective customers have been added in 2020 thanks to the more than 4.4 million new enterprises that were launched in the U.S., a 24.3 percent increase over 2019.

However, the industry is also becoming more competitive. It’s getting harder and harder to attract new clients for bookkeeping because of technology like Zoom. 

So what can you do to increase your success rate with new clients, then, is the next question? Let’s look at some of the most crucial methods for attracting and retaining new bookkeeping clients despite the fact that there are numerous components that go into a successful sales approach.

In this guide, we give you some of the most effective tips on how to get bookkeeping clients.

  1. Concentrate on The Foundation of Your Workflow

Trust is the key component in closing perfect clients for any business, established or growing. This is due to the fact that accounting is one of a business’s most crucial and necessary functions. They must have confidence in your accounting firm to handle things appropriately if they are outsourcing them to you.

Although providing bookkeeping services may be normal for your business, your clients only care about what you can accomplish for them. Creating your workflow systems should be your first priority.

Due to their inability to handle the growing workload, many accounting firms fail. Their workflow procedures are not scalable, which lowers the firm’s effectiveness. The company might be skipping deadlines, failing to properly collect crucial paperwork and information from clients, and more.

The internal reorganization could also entail purchasing workflow or bookkeeping software to assist your staff in organizing the procedures, ensuring that no duties are overlooked and all work is finished on time.

  1. Realize What Your Clients Value 

The tone of the relationship will be established during the first meeting with a potential client. The client must understand what to anticipate from your business.

Additionally, you should have a conversation with the client about their beliefs. What is the main justification behind their potential use of your company for their business? What are the main problems they face? What are they attempting to achieve?

This is your chance to work with your customer to create a future vision. The client’s choice will be simple if they are aware of your firm’s functioning transparency and efficient management.

  1. Trade Referrals With Other Experts

A referral program is a terrific approach to getting more bookkeeping clients in a certain sector. Most likely, you already know how to use word-of-mouth marketing to attract bookkeeping clients. It’s such a well-worn tactic. Most people consult their friends and relatives first when they need a professional to complete work for them. However, they are not the only ones who provide helpful recommendations.

Additionally, they often ask for recommendations from their financial planner, lawyer, and other members of their business networking organization. Have you discussed the possibility of exchanging references with local experts in related fields? Your clients can also require the services of others. When people collaborate to expand their businesses, everyone benefits.

  1. Share Testimonials

Don’t limit yourself to other experts when considering how to gain bookkeeping clients through referrals. Request testimonials from your present clients. To share these opinions, you can establish a testimonials page on your website. It will also work to request reviews from customers on listing websites.

Claim your business online as the first step in controlling internet listings and reviews. Make a Facebook Business page and claim your Google My Business profile. Additionally, you should take control of your listings on Yelp, Angie’s List, and any other directories that your clientele could utilize. Give your profiles as much detail as you can, including a description of the specialty services you offer.

Offer rewards to customers who provide favorable feedback on your job. Think about providing a modest discount. Respond to each review as soon as it is posted.

If the review is favorable, thank the reviewer. Even if the review is unfavorable, act professionally. Give them your phone number, express your regret without providing an explanation, and invite them to continue the conversation offline. Your professionalism may aid in attracting new customers.

  1. Make The Client Comfortable

The salesperson who starts by discussing business with the prospect right away is inexperienced. Building relationships that transcend beyond daily interactions is crucial. After you’ve established a rapport, lay out your points of discussion, learn about their company’s requirements, and provide your services as a potential solution.

The small conversation is just as vital as discussing business since it engages the client and builds trust as a partner who is willing to listen to their concerns and come up with solutions, rather than just as a formal commercial arrangement.

  1. Overcome Objections

Receiving comments like “I need to think it over” could be a significant obstacle when closing clients. Of course, anything you need,” an unskilled salesperson might react like this and never hear again from the prospect.

But at this point, you ought to make an effort to comprehend something more deeply. You may say, “I realize you need to consider it. What do you have to consider?

They can respond by saying they have other options and should compare the offerings to those from other companies. So what do you do? “Of course, whatever you need,” will you reply? Obviously not!

“You know I’d act in a similar manner. Let me ask you this: What would you need to observe from my end before you felt confident proceeding? Here’s a strong argument that will persuade them right now. The client will see that you are willing to change to meet their wants and ambitions.

  1. Networking 

You can pitch your company informally through networking. Attend business events, strike up a conversation, and don’t forget to bring business cards. When your contacts have a sophisticated bookkeeping issue, they will come to you since you are the expert they look to be.

For instance, rather than aggressively pitching your company, you can advise small business owners to use online accounting software to better handle their accounts until they are ready to outsource. If kids remember your counsel as they get older, they could be able to hire you for their accounting business.

The initial networking may also lead to quick potential clients with needs that your bookkeeping services may satisfy. Your time and effort are worthwhile.

  1. Use Social Media

Social media is a game changer in this era. You just need to focus your social media marketing efforts and choose the platforms that might help you get the most bookkeeping clients. Social media networks draw billions of users to them. There are numerous ways to market there, including:

  • establishing a following
  • Ads to be purchased
  • joining organizations and participating in them

Some of the most beneficial platforms are:

    • LinkedIn

It’s a professional-focused social media platform. You can create a profile with your educational background, professional experiences, and a high-resolution headshot. It helps you connect with all of your current contacts by getting in touch with them. Request endorsements and give some back.

When someone celebrates a milestone, keep an eye on your LinkedIn stream and take notice. Congratulate them consistently. Before you inquire about their bookkeeping requirements, use these conversations to improve your relationships. Additionally, they might know people who could benefit from your bookkeeping services.

    • Facebook

Another effective resource for locating clients is Facebook. Your Facebook Business page is a great location to distribute links to your blogs, industry-related news, and webinar advertisements, much like your LinkedIn feed is.

Facebook is a fantastic tool for building awareness and a community around your company. You can start with your personal page, invite your loved ones, and then start advertising the page.

Share blogs about bookkeeping and make advantage of the platform to grow your own audience. See how Total Tax Services uses its Facebook Business Page to attract new customers.

    • Craigslist

It is another platform that can help you get bookkeeping clients. Many people have been able to acquire customers thanks to Craigslist ads. Place an advertisement for your services on the website to see if it attracts any interest. Even those in need of bookkeeping services might be found.

You can also place bids on job advertisements on Upwork, Freelancer, and similar websites. Create an account and search for posts that might match your area of expertise. Finding clients on freelance websites could just take a few days.

  1. Be a Guest Speaker

Consider presenting material in person or via video if writing isn’t your strong suit. Offer to speak on a topic at conferences or events for the industry. Building up the experience necessary to be tapped for larger events may take some time. You can develop presentation confidence by beginning small.

Hosting your own webinar is another option to gain experience as a guest speaker. You may share user information with both present and potential clients by contacting the people on your email list.

Make sure your webinar is well-prepared if you want to succeed. To keep your audience interested, research the subjects and include interactive questions, videos, and images. When finished, you can distribute the webinar via social media or your website.

  1. Be Willing to Let Potential Clients Go

The same premise does not always hold true, as demonstrated by the fact that Lucasfilm’s negotiations with Disney lasted a whole year and a half because Disney was adamant about buying the business. If a customer shows interest, it is best to give them your time.

The customer may be dealing with a number of problems, such as financial limitations. You should reserve your time for customers who are aware of their needs and are prepared to pay for the products or services they receive.

When Should You Hire Assistance for Your Bookkeeping Service?

There will come a point when you need to engage additional help, like a subcontractor, once you’ve mastered obtaining clients for your bookkeeping business. A bookkeeper may typically manage 20 to 30 clients on their own. It’s time to get some assistance though when you’re close to or have more than 50 clients.

You can hire help from bookkeeping services like MyCPA that will enable you to optimize the process and manage finances, prepare financial statements and file your taxes in a cost-efficient and easy manner, without having to stress. You can retain more consumers, make more money, and satisfy your customers by hiring assistance.