How To Foster Healthy Relations With Client Management Software

A firm always looks for ways they can make the best of the Client Management Software. The main goal is to improve the client experience by laying the foundation of a digital relationship. When a company uses client management software it allows workflow centralization at the digital level. The team’s ability to manage the finance department and to improve client engagement is directly proportional to the quality of the client portal.

Currently, COVID-19 has persuaded lots of companies to do remote work. Meetings are an essential part of the business that cannot be forfeited in any way.  Client Portal Software helps to fill in the communication gap too that may occur between the accountancy firm and client.

Make Clients Pay Attention: Choose The Best Client Management Software

For an accountancy firm, it is vital to create and maintain healthy relations with its clients. Once you have settled eyes on a new client, you want their attention. A CRM portal helps to accommodate the vision for good communication.

How can you choose the best client portal?

  • Purpose

A client portal is used by the accountant to ensure the accounting quality doesn’t have drawbacks due to late work. Bring forth necessary questions like “what benefit will the client have out of it?” “What is your primary goal to choose the CRM Portal for Accountants” “Do you want to centralize communication or deliver client updates?” and so on.

For instance features of My CPA Dashboard covers these all areas to help a firm remain at the top of their accounting game.

  • Impact

For its all intent and purposes, evaluate how the use of CRM portal will affect internal workflows too. Do some research, gather the data, do account aggregations and so to make a good decision.

  • Analyze

Most likely you will buy a lifetime subscription to the best client management software. You must review the limitations, cons and benefits, features and then do a comparison of all the client portals you have looked at so far.

Once you have done so, you now can have a better chance at keeping the client in touch with all the workflow. Select the team of your choice and if everything goes well, your clients will be happily satisfied with the client portal of your choice.

Choosing the professional-client management software matters. Once you have chosen one, you can now work towards the client and company bonding.

How? Let’s keep reading.

Client Familiarity With Client Portal Software

You do not only need to make your team used to the software, your client needs to be pitched in too.

So, some conclusive ideas, practical enough for your team and clients to learn using client management software in a better way.

  • Start With Team Training

Before pitching clients to hire your services, you need to assure your accounting team that using the client portal is in their best interest. Explain the workings of the client portal and explain the ways it will make the jobs easier.

Make sure to get everyone on the same page so that the right information can be communicated to the client.

  • Bring Up The “Why”

Why would a client need to know about the client management software? To create a strong communication relationship with them, explain the benefits of why the company is using the software in the first place. Make them believe how using the client portal will make your client’s work easier.

  • Set The Expectations

The use of the portal is not only to upgrade the accounting practices but also to be clear and consistent about the features that help the communication process.

After all, the client will do what you train them to do i.e. to listen and evaluate your services with the powerful client portal.

You can use the portal for conducting organized meetings too which helps you to be more consistent and persistent. The earlier you start using the CRM portal for accountants the quicker you can begin having a client on good terms.

  • Consider Branding

You need to brand the client portal to match the company’s requirements. For small businesses using a client portal for accountants is a good way to go.

If you, as an accounting firm, brand the use of a client portal with respect to the account services you will be able to attract more clients and retain the existing ones. This way you are helping the existing clients to associate your company in a better way and therefore building trust.


Healthy relation with clients can be a quick turnaround for a company’s success. It’s time you start being proactive about using technology to your benefit.

If you want to communicate properly with your client, then My CPA Dashboard allows you to share the dashboard. You can easily provide the access to the documents to the clients, keep them notified, and so on.

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