How Cloud Storage Matters to Online CPA Practices

When you work as a full-time CPA, you deal with a lot of confidential financial information. There are no exceptions when you do the same tasks on the internet. If you are an accounting or bookkeeping firm such as (My Count Solutions) that offers online payroll management, tax preparation, and other such services, then you have some serious responsibility to ensure the exchange of all the pertinent data remain safe and secure. While doing this, you also need to keep the process as easy as possible for the clients.

It sounds like a big challenge, right? But there is a single solution that can help you in sorting this issue out i.e. cloud storage.

In this blog post, we are going to discuss how cloud storage matters in your online CPA practices in connection with the protection and exchange of confidential and complex financial data.

1) Cloud Storage Is Inherently Easy to Deal with

Although every cloud solution differs from the other, the majority of them have the same template that is intrinsically easy to operate. If one is working with an interrupted internet with decent speed, then they can’t tell if it’s a local drive or online cloud_storage.

By having cloud storage for all the financial paperwork, both you and your client can work together without experiencing the essential limitation of the online medium.

2) It Ensures You Can Work without Holdups

Let’s suppose you are working on tax preparation of a client near the submission deadline. You urgently need some documents from the client. If the client is unreachable on email at that moment, then it is inevitable to get late with the filing.

However, if you give clients online cloud storage right from the beginning to update it with all the new relevant information and documents, you won’t have to face such avoidable snags.

3) Cloud Storage Offers Secure File Sharing

Today, the most lucrative con for criminals is the theft of confidential financial information. Many people don’t even consider getting digital bookkeeping, accounting, and online payroll management services because they don’t want to risk their financial information.

By offering password-protected and encrypted cloud storage, you can provide customers a surety that their data is being kept in a safe place.  

CPAs offering their services online should combine cloud_storage with other value-added services such as e-signatures. You can get all such features in a single package in any good online accounting portal.  

My CPA Dashboard is one such online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite for CPAs through which they can offer their clients with safe, secure, and easy-to-use cloud storage.