How Client Portal Software For Accountants Is A Good Idea For Law Firms?

How Client Portal Software For Accountants Is A Good Idea For Law Firms?

Client Portal Software For Accountants

Published: 04/23/21

Working with a client for the long term is a dream come true for any accountant. Using Client Portal Software For Accountants is one way to assure that your client will be a happy individual. If an attorney is your client then you might be working remotely for him. You can avoid going to meetings, do the work remotely in a more organized and discreet manner with the help of the latest client portal technology.

But why exactly do you need a client portal software if working with a law firm? In the most basic terms, if you are working with a law firm or an individual attorney, you get to interact with the client without creating a fuss, or interrupting your client for short queries. As long as you both have access to the internet, using such online portals will make your dream job easier.

Reasons To Use Client Portal Software For Accountants

Now for many firms, using a Client Portal Software is equivalent to the latest firewall. It helps to keep the accountant at the top of his game. It will allow the client and the accountant to review things in a civil manner without cutting each other’s working hours as well.

But the benefits of client portal software for accounts just do not end here. There are several things the law firm will benefit from.

  • Attorney-Client Communication

Attorneys have a busy schedule similar to accountants. So what an accountant will do when he needs to contact the attorney?

Call him directly?

Maybe send an email?

An accountant might try these options but how many times can he contact him and wait for the response? When the law firm is using client portal software for accountants they are removing the communication gap with the client.

Using the online software will fix hidden problems in communication too. For instance;

    • Secure Email

When an email is pinged to the attorney, it will contain confidential information. Using client portal software means that you have the added benefit of excellent security to send encrypted emails to the client too.

So it’s upon the law firm to maintain the attorney-client privilege even via emails.

    • Easy Communication

Using the Client Portal Software For CPAs means that you now have a centralized location to upload and download all the data. Attorneys will not need to monitor every file separately or waste time in finding the right document. It’s a one roof solution for communicating with their client by giving them access to the documents too.

    • Better Experience

Clients want to have the best experience when hiring a law firm. Law firms want to have the most professional and experienced accountants on the team to handle the information. Using the client portal software allows the accountants to send the messages, notify on time and reply to a quick response right away.

So yes, it’s a win-win for the law firm, accountant, and their clients.

  • New Secure Lobbies For Firm

Covid -19 has proved to businesses that manual work on the books is outdated now. Physical offices are a restriction and an unnecessary hurdle when you are unable to visit the office.

So what to do then?

Clients do not want to come to their law firm’s office every other day for something that can be discussed over an email. Clients crave simplicity so using the client portal software is one of the simplest and fastest means of communication.

If a client feels that your firm is behind and lagging in technology then they will think twice before doing any future business with you. They might as well conclude the contract right away.

With the help of Client Portal Software, you can upgrade the communication game. The software will become the new lobby for the clients to visit (online) rather than paying a visit to the physical office in unprecedented times.

  • Client Collaboration

Client portal software for CPAs is designed keeping the accounting world in mind. When as a service provider your law firm gets a new client, you share the files and necessary documents with the accountant. They use the portal to upload the information, create a list of contacts, and so on.

This practice upgrades your collaboration with clients. You can timely inform your clients about new changes in the case when documents are ready to file or sent over and so on. You do not need to schedule a call for an appointment. Just give access to the documents you want to share with your client. They will receive the notification and can log in using their customized URL.


Law firms are one of the core pillars for a successful business. As a law firm neglecting your accountancy needs is not a smart play. So instead of practicing old methods, use My CPA Dashboard to tackle the client in a professional manner.

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