How Client Portal Software For Accountants Is A Good Idea For Law Firms?

Do you have any experience using client portal software?

Even if you haven’t, it’s likely that you will in the near future, especially with more lawyers working remotely now and many clients preferring not to meet with the firm’s staff in person.

What, however, is a client portal?

A client portal is essentially software that enables you, the attorney, to communicate and collaborate with your clients in a secure online environment.

The customer can instantaneously exchange and review documents, send messages, and do a variety of other duties by logging into your company’s client portal as long as they have internet access.

You too can follow suit.

Client portals are becoming the standard method of working and communicating with clients for many businesses. It enables everyone to evaluate materials whenever and wherever they choose. While there are countless advantages to using client portals, some are more significant than others.

Reasons To Use Client Portal Software For Accountants

Now for many firms, using Client Portal Software is equivalent to the latest firewall. It helps to keep the accountant at the top of his game. It will allow the client and the accountant to review things in a civil manner without cutting each other’s working hours as well.

But the benefits of client portal software for accounts just do not end here. There are several things the law firm will benefit from.

  • Attorney-Client Communication

What does a client do when they need to contact their lawyer? e-mail someone? Call the front desk of the business. What about the attorney’s cell phone or direct line?

Some clients will attempt any and all of these choices, forcing the attorney to react to each one individually and wasting significant time in the process.

By providing a single, private venue for clients and attorneys to communicate, law firm client portal software can solve this issue.

There are numerous benefits to this:

  • More secure than email

The best client portals offer top-notch protection for shared documents and attorney-client communications.

Even if you take a great effort to secure your company’s email accounts, there is no guarantee that your clients are taking the same precautions on their end. Emails can occasionally be hacked.

Communications are both secured and safeguarded while using secure client portals.

  • Greater communication efficiency

Client portals make things simpler because attorneys no longer need to keep track of numerous channels of contact because everything is in one place (i.e. email, cell phone, direct line, voicemail).

Additionally, having everything in one location enhances responsiveness.

  • Better client experience

When using client portals, clients don’t have to guess which method of interaction is most effective. The lawyer responds in the same spot as they sent their message. No more attempting to reach one other by playing phone tag. Client portals, to put it simply, benefit both clients and attorneys.

Clients are kept in the loop, and lawyers can relax knowing that their conversations are secure. But don’t be concerned about the level of technical knowledge required to build a client portal.

Easy-to-use client portals are a feature of enterprise-level solutions. You don’t need a background in coding or an engineering degree to use them because they are ready to use right out of the box.

  • The new “lobbies” for businesses are secure customer portals

If the COVID-19 pandemic has taught businesses anything, it’s that fancy company lobbies and elaborate office spaces are no longer nearly as significant as they once were. Customers don’t want to be required to attend every meeting in the office.

The convenience that client portals and other internet solutions offer is something they lust after. Additionally, customers might hesitate to do business with you if they believe that your company is technologically sluggish or out of touch with the times.

To build a sense of trust and competence in the business, you must ensure that your client portal is professional as the attorney-client connection quickly shifts online.

Since your client portal can be the only place where they communicate with you and your business, it serves as your new “lobby,” thus it needs to be attractive.”

If a client feels that your firm is behind and lagging in technology then they will think twice before doing any future business with you. They might as well conclude the contract right away.

With the help of Client Portal Software, you can upgrade the communication game. The software will become the new lobby for the clients to visit (online) rather than paying a visit to the physical office in unprecedented times.

  • Client portals simplify lawyer-client collaboration 

Client portals make it simple for you to share files and documents with clients. Through portal communication, you and your clients may also talk about the documents and promptly express any thoughts or worries. In certain client portals, you can even change documents and produce new versions that your clients can view right away.

You no longer need to arrange meetings with clients and phone conversations to go through every last aspect of the case.

Everything may be done on the customer site. Simply said, it streamlines and simplifies the cooperation process.

  • There is a 24-hour client portal login accessible

Speaking of collaboration, the client is free to do so whenever it is convenient for them. Clients can access, examine, and comment on any papers pertaining to their case at any time, whether it is two in the morning, two in the afternoon, or any time in between. Client portals provide on-demand access so that customers can stay informed without directly contacting you.


Choose wisely for your business. The first step is recognizing your company requires a customer portal. The challenging thing now is figuring out how to accomplish it.

You undoubtedly have a lot of options given the range of modern legal services that feature secure client portals. In the end, your first priority should be identifying the solution that best suits the unique requirements of your business.

Don’t take the selection lightly because making the appropriate choice can significantly improve interactions between attorneys and clients and boost firm productivity.

Law firms are one of the core pillars of a successful business. As a law firm neglecting your accountancy needs is not a smart play. So instead of practicing old methods, use My CPA Dashboard to tackle the client in a professional manner.