7 Ways to Design the Best CPA Firm Website to Drive Sales!

Website is the online portfolio of a firm selling its products and services. For a CPA firm, it is important to design a website that offers a great first-time user experience for clients and prospects. As engagement on the web increases, and people spend more time on mobile devices, understanding how to best serve potential clients is becoming more important for firms of all sizes. The best CPA firm website is user-friendly and enhances the experience in the long run.

Firms that have a great website deliver results because they’re able to quickly capture long-term value from their best prospects – those who visit the site. And the best prospects will almost always be your best clients.

In this article, we will take a look at how CPA websites can improve in a quality way.

Get the Design Ready for the Best CPA Firm Website

A website is important for any firm. It lets your clients and prospects take a look at the accounting and bookkeeping services you offer to provide them. But simply having a website is not enough.

 CPA Firm Website

A website with outdated templates and layouts will have the opposite effect you want. Not having a website at all is troublesome but having a century-old design will lose many potential clients too.

Accounting firms want to retain their clients. So a CPA website must keep the following tips in mind before developing its official site.

  1. Keep the CPA Firm Name in Focus

Even an accounting firm has a name. That name will become the company’s identity – therefore the brand name.

The website must consist of the CPA firm’s logo on all pages at the top. The About Us page information must give a clear insight into the factors that make your CPA firm a quality option for the visitor.

This is your chance to provide the information in a compelling way. It should be informative but not salesy so that the visitor doesn’t bounce from the website.

  1. Fresh Content

A CPA website should not look like a news bulletin. The content is the kind therefore so you need to cover broader aspects of accounting, bookkeeping, and other services you provide. Relaying the relevant content in an effective way will intrigue the audience to visit more service pages.

It’s best to cover more comprehensive content about your business niche. For instance, at My CPA Dashboard, you will find relevant blogs with useful information about accounting portals, the best CRM features, and so on.

Since a CPA firm specializes in tax, accounting, bookkeeping, and billing, etc, your official CPA website must offer the desired insight and urges readers to stay on the page.

  1. Promote your Services

What does an accounting firm provide? My CPA Dashboard offers a plethora of services with the help of accounting software. It consists of several useful features like:

To make the customers aware, My CPA Dashboard will highlight every feature of the software that will contribute as a beneficial factor. The user who is looking to buy accounting and bookkeeping software will go through the information thoroughly to make a decision.

The more transparent your products and services are mentioned, the better it is for the online visitor to get to know about your product and brand name.

The website pages must bring the required clarity too. The layout should represent the easy-to-find pages for each service you offer. The particular landing pages must be created that represent the information to the clients.

  1.  Straightforward Navigation Bar

How important is a navigation bar for an accounting website? We say quite a lot. The navigation bar is the persistent information at the top of the website. It’s one of the most important elements in the website layout design. If it’s complex and not easy to follow then do you even have the best CPA firm website?

The structure of the navigation bar can be a traditional one but it should be easy to understand and use by the user

For instance, most of the websites follow a simple navigation structure like;

    • Home
    • About Us
    • Services
      • Service A
      • Service B
      • Service C
    • Pricing Plans
    • Testimonials
    • Blogs
    • Contact Us

Titles of the navigation bar are easy to adjust, you can even create unique names for your official website.

  1. CTAs are Crucial

A CPA website is just like any other website. The theme, layout, and page design are unique that must end with or include compelling Calls to Action.

CTAs are the final nail that will draw the customer’s attention to Sign Up, Book Demo, or even Contact Us.

The ultimate goal of an easy-to-navigate website is that the customer will click on the button to book appointments and to buy the subscription plan for the software. The CTAs must be catchy, problem-solving, or could be an intriguing question.

For instance, you can add sentences like “Catch us before the tax auditors catch you in piles of forms!” or “ looking for tax and accounting solutions? We are here!” and so you get the idea. A right CTA is essential to increase the ROI rate for your accounting website.

  1. Offer Secure Client Portal

Your website is your portal that leads the customer to the desired page. So it is compulsory to integrate the secure portal that allows your client to upload and download the files as they see fit without worrying about its confidentiality.

My CPA Dashboard software offers a secure client portal with cloud storage. So as a service provider, we have kept the user privilege in mind and offered a secure client portal for the users.

Not only it helps retain the customers but also increases the goodwill and faith in your brand and service.

  1. Digital Marketing

The online world is competitive more so than ever. CPA website needs its marketing and advertising too on various platforms. Your online visibility acts like the brand resume.

At the bottom of the page of your website, do not forget to add the social links and icons. It should be prominent. It helps your customers and prospects to find you on different platforms. It also helps to create brand credibility.

Even CPA firms need to outsource their digital marketing to the experts so that the SEO team can enhance their websites, relevant keywords and help you design a compelling, one of the best CPA firm websites. It will help your page go higher on the Google rank and therefore if your website starts to appear on the first page then your goal is to maintain your rank at any cost.

Bottom Line

Accounting and bookkeeping are dry topics to even talk about but for the accountant and business looking for the economical choice, it is the right argument. So when you are building your CPA website you must avoid;

  • Broken links
  • Heavy images
  • Too much Flash
  • PDF files
  • Complex terminologies

My CPA Dashboard

You want to retain your customer, so maintain a website that speaks for itself. Visit the My CPA Dashboard homepage and you will get an idea of what the fuss is all about.

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