How Can A Mobile-Responsive Website Boost Your Online CPA Services?

If you have decided to foray into the domain of online accounting and bookkeeping services, make sure you carry out this transition in full force and with all the necessary elements. For instance, your online accounting and bookkeeping venture will need a website and not just a page with bare-minimum features. Your online CPA website needs to be mobile-responsive as well.

There are multiple reasons for how a mobile-responsive website can boost your online bookkeeping or tax preparation firm. But before we delve into that detail, one should know the three salient features of mobile-responsive web design.

  1. Text and pictorial content is readable and visible without needing zooming in
  2. Good mobile-responsive web design also doesn’t entail horizontal scrolling
  3. A practical mobile-responsive web panel has enough space in between different options to provide easy tapping with no overlaps

There is a Larger Number of Mobile Users Which Means More Work For Accountants

The first and foremost reason to have a mobile-friendly website is to make the necessary adaptation to the digital reality. The statistics show that more than 60% of mobile users are accessing the internet on their phones. This percentage swells among small business owners. They are having a lot of work done through their phones.

By making your online accounting and tax preparation services available on mobile, you will intrinsically become accessible to more prospective clients.

Your Responsive Accounting Business Website Gives You an Edge Over Firms Working With Old Layouts  

Many accounting and bookkeeping firms that operate online are still working with the same old desktop layouts. Notwithstanding the reputation of bookkeeping and accounting firm in question, all those startups and small-time entrepreneurs who take care of all their business itineraries on the phone can’t put up with those obsolete website layouts.

Your mobile-responsive CPA website even if you are new can become an enticement for all those business owners who are looking for an online bookkeeping firm that has adapted to their style of working.

A Mobile-Responsive Web Design Will Expedite the Process of Lead Generation

When you work with mobile-responsive web design, you can improve and speed up the prospects and process of lead generation and conversion. A mobile-compatible website that also offers quotes and trials then and there will draw more decisive clicks.

My CPA Dashboard is an accounting firm portal that can add on to the results you are getting from your mobile-responsive CPA website. Your prospective clients will love its handy features such as online payroll management, secure file sharing, and cloud storage.