How a Great CPA Website Looks?

4 Elements of a Great CPA Website

A website is of immense value to an online business. It provides the function as a brick-and-mortar storefront – forming the first impression and attracting customers. CPAs working online offering bookkeeping and tax preparation services are no exceptions to this. check interesting points about CPA websites.

If you have just forayed into online bookkeeping and accounting services, then you need to read this article. We are going to discuss some of the basic elements of a winning CPA websites.

1) Phone Number Should Be Visible Easily to CPA website

Hiring and trusting someone online to deal with their taxes and payrolls is not an easy decision for many business owners. So, whenever they decide to avail the services of an online bookkeeping firm, they want to get into one-on-one correspondence with the CPAs.

We all know that phone calls are still the second-best option to have in place of one-on-one chats. For that matter, put your phone number on the header or on a parallax where it remains on the screen even when users scroll through the website.

Contact information is a vital detail but many online CPAs have it relegated to some dark corner of their website.

2) Testimonials and Real Case Studies

A prospective client visiting your website should find enough substance to be sure about your authenticity and capability. Therefore, try to add testimonials of the existing clients on your website and put some hands-on tax and bookkeeping projects that you have completed. Make sure all this information is verifiable from the respective parties.

3) Have a Mobile-Friendly Interface For CPA Websites

If your online services are dedicated to bookkeeping for small businesses, then keep in mind that the majority of your clients will access your website on their cell phones. So, instruct your web developer to design a mobile-compatible interface. Not only does it give seamless surfing experience to people visiting the site on their phones but it will also improve its Google ranking on all mobile devices.

4) HTTPS Encryption Is a Must

HTTPS encryption is now considered a necessary measure for every legitimate website; it keeps user connections safe from cybercriminal intrusions. This security measure becomes even more important when you offer financial services such as online payroll management and tax preparation. A tech-savvy client is not going to avail your services if your CPA websites doesn’t have the HTTPS prefix.

While having a great website to introduce yourself to prospective clients, it’s also important to work with an accounting portal to keep up the quality of your services.

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