3 Traits of a Good Online CPA

3 Traits of a Good Online CPA

Apart from having great communication and time management skills, an Online CPA needs to have a set of personality traits to succeed among competitors.  And if we particularly talk about CPAs that offer online bookkeeping and accounting services, then they have to offer more to compete with existing established firms.

Let’s have a look at the characteristics that particularly help CPA in running online tax preparation firms and bookkeeping services.  

1) CPA Should Have a Flexible Disposition

When you offer accounting solutions on a virtual medium, you have to exhibit a lot of professional flexibility. For instance, it becomes your responsibility to get synced in with the clients’ timing. Similarly, you need to go to the medium of correspondence that your client has chosen. By having strict and unchangeable terms of work, you might not be able to acquire more clients.

2) Online CPA/CPA Need to Be Supremely Reliable

In online payroll management and accounting work, a client needs to put a lot of trust in a CPA with all its confidential financial information. So, the onus is on the CPA to pass this reliability test. There are certain ways to show it to your clients that their information is safe with you.

  • Offer them a secured document storage space. You can do it through the cloud storage options available in many online accounting firm portals.
  • Provide them with examples of your previous work and how you have dealt with large financial data responsibly.
  • Put a clause of data breach penalty in your agreement to make things more transparent.

For any CPA running an online accounting firm, demonstrating such credibility is very important for earning the trust of all those individuals who are skeptical regarding online security.

3) Online CPA/CPA Need to Show Their Collaborative Side

CPAs are usually stereotyped as forlorn professionals grinding out at their desks amid the pile of paperwork and calculators. You need to dispel that stereotype by exhibiting your collaborative streaks. Many accounting and bookkeeping works need some solid collaboration between the client, CPA, and third parties. Working with an interactive accounting firm portal, you can show that you are not a CPA who works all alone.


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