Freelancers that May Need Your CPA and Accounting Services

3 Types of Freelancers that May Need Your CPA Services and You Should target Freelancers?

Freelancers are “the jack of all trades and master of some”. Apart from offering expertise and delivering service in certain niches, they also take care of many aspects of their self-employed work model. Nonetheless, bookkeeping, accounting, and tax preparation are one of those things that most of the freelancers can’t deal with on their own unless they are CPAs themselves.

If you have entered the digital domain with your online bookkeeping firm and are vying to get small businesses as your clients, then here is a suggestion: add freelancers to your target market. There are multiple reasons why free-lancers might need the services of online bookkeeping and tax preparation firm.

Here, we are going to classify three types of free-lancers that look for online tax preparation and bookkeeping.

1) Freelancers Who Don’t Want to Get Under the Radar of IRS

Free-lancers are well within their rights to avail tax deductions by declaring themselves home office proprietors. However, many entities abuse this tax deduction clause by falsifying their financial information. This is the reason why the IRS often chooses entities and individuals that avail the home office tax deduction for tax audits.

Many freelancers have already gone through these audits eventually turning into an ordeal even if they haven’t done anything wrong. They usually find themselves in a tight spot with the IRS because they are not working with streamlined financial data. With professional bookkeeping services, they can maintain a better financial record to prove their home office status.

2) Freelancers Who Need Experts for Tax Preparation and Filing

Although one can file taxes on their own and many people do that too, freelancers with already too much on their plate might refrain from DIY tax filing. Dealing with form 1099-K or form 1040 while working to meet strict deadlines entails too much stress and many freelancers try to steer clear from it. All these individuals can bring a lot of business to your tax preparation firm if you target them at the right time of the year.

3) Free-lancers Who Don’t Want Tax Preparation to Harm their Lucrative Productivity

There are some seasoned and sought-after freelancers making hundreds of dollars per hour. They consider accounting and tax preparation as some non-productive tasks better sorted with the help of a third-party bookkeeping firm.

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An accountant plays a vital role in your business ventures. A freelance accountant releases that burden so you can focus on what your other main priorities are. A freelance accountant is there when you want them. Hire a freelancer for hours weekly or monthly basis. Have them working only when you require. Freelance accountants are always available on call or other communication means to give advice to help you make good business decisions.