3 Reasons to Offer E-Signature Facility to Your Accounting Clients

Many seasoned CPAs offering accounting, tax preparation services through their offices are now considering the possibility of going digital and online. While the concept of an online accounting firm is great, one needs to be aware of certain things to get into it with full preparation. and E-Signature is one of these.

For instance, have you considered how you will get formal approval and signs of your remote accounting clients on certain documents of high importance? Thinking of taking the traditional route of sending a document through courier, getting it signed from the client and then waiting for it to be dispatched to you again? Be prepared for delayed turnarounds that neither your team nor your clients would like.

So, how to deal with this impediment that can certainly affect your online accounting and tax preparation services?

Well, one way is to integrate the e-signatures feature in your operations. E-signatures are a legitimate way to give your formal approval on any document just like regular pen-and-paper signs. It can give your online accounting firm a true uplift of tech-savvy place.

There are several ways in which the addition of e-signature will prove to be good for both your firm and clients.

1) You Can Achieve Absolute Paperless Accounting Practices with E-Signature

For any digital and online accounting firm, claiming to be 100% paperless is an achievement. It shows their better work agility and tech superiority. By integrating e-signatures in your workflow, you can brandish your firm as a place with 100% paperless accounting practices.

2) Faster Accounting Decision Implementations and Executions

Many times you can’t do the simplest of tasks because it needs a formal approval of the given client. It causes frustration to both parties especially if you are treading the tight rope of deadlines and already have too much on your plate. By having the option of e-signature, you can receive such approvals and authentications in no time.

3) Better Security Using E-Signature Between Client And Accountant

When a hardcopy document is shared between two distantly-located parties, it exchanges many hands. With that much exposure, the security and safety of any important document automatically get compromised. After shifting such document transaction on cloud storage with encrypted file sharing and e-signature approvals, you can create one solid and secure stream of formally and legally approved papers.

Digital Signature Provide a Better Customer Experience

Consumers constantly demand speed and effectiveness from their interactions. Digital signatures decrease the need to coordinate meeting times and places so papers can be signed. The process also provides customers more time to look over and understand what they’re signing.

During in-person interactions, customers look at heaps of paper as something merely to get through. They seldom read what they’re signing, because they feel stressed to complete the transaction. Customers feel better knowledgeable when they can take their time during the procedure to read through documents at their own pace.

Through My CPA Dashboard, you can give your clients a value-added facility to approve their documents with e-signatures. This facility of My CPA Dashboard complies with federal and state requirements and has the same status as of a regular pen-and-paper sign.