Digital Opportunities that Tax & Bookkeeping Ventures Should Consider

Accounting, bookkeeping & tax experts catering to small businesses often struggle in establishing and keeping a consistent repeat client base. Usually, they work with a large number of one-time customers and have to spend a lot of time in roping in new ones. By establishing many repeat clients, online tax preparation firms and CPAs can make their operations more sustainable and revenues more predictable.

In this blog, we are going to discuss some of the digital opportunities that online tax preparation firms and bookkeeping ventures can use to build a profile with a repeat customer base.

Connect with Clients on Social Media

When you are a CPA and accounting expert who offer services to small businesses only, it becomes fairly easy to establish a personalized connection with your clients.  With a lucrative digital offer in the form of social media, you can easily shape your services into a more personalized experience.

It is a well-known fact and we have also discussed that personalization always helps in retaining customers. By improving your social media imprint and rate of interaction, you can achieve that personalization with your existing customers. And on top of that, you don’t need to spend a single buck in doing this.

Offer Them Valuable Content Online

If you are an online tax preparation firm or any other digital accounting venture, then you would surely have a website. Don’t just limit this avenue to receive orders and provide trials and quotations. You can deliver free useful content to the clients through a blog section. You can also make a YouTube channel to offer free basic video guidance. Good content curation doesn’t need a lot of resources but pays greater dividends.

Add an Online Accounting Firm Portal in Your Service

What if you start providing clients with facilities such as secure file sharing and cloud storage along with your regular accounting services? This value addition will give you an edge over other online bookkeeping and accounting experts that are still stuck to basics.

Such an interactive, convenient virtual work environment is of tremendous help when it comes to swaying clients to your side. When clients can sort out all their financial issues from the desk through a robust accounting CRM suite, they keep coming back to the CPA who offers such value addition.

My CPA Dashboard is one such online portal that would help you in extending accounting and bookkeeping support to customers in a better manner to get repeat business from them. It’s a complete Customer Relationship Management (CRM) suite for CPAs serving small businesses.