Hunt for the Best CRM Systems for Accountants for Your Firm

Owning and being involved in the business are two separate things. It’s not always a bed of roses, especially if the economy is unstable your business can go into a spiral loop. During the pandemic of 2020, most of you might have experienced this crisis. Remote working was technically and continues to be the job savior in the business world. But would it have been possible without the latest CRM Systems for Accountants? We don’t think so. Sure, a content management system is downright important in all aspects but even the remote functioning of the business is incomplete without the right Business Accounting Software.

Accounting is one of the dry tasks that everyone wants to keep at the bottom of their things-to-list right? But let us tell you, accounting tasks are not to be taken lightly. Sure it sounds all too boring but this is why My CPA Dashboard is your business partner.

In The Words of My CPA Dashboard – What is CRM Systems for Accountants?

Like any other software, CRM systems for accountants is the basic business accounting software that ensures an accountant records all the accounting data in an effective manner. If any mistakes do occur in the software those can be edited or removed from the portal.

If you are a small business owner, spending a good lot of money on the invoices, or outsourcing help for the completion of the financial reports is not a priority. You want an easy financial solution to your problem. Using small business accounting software will help you create the invoice, categorize it and audit it.  But using specifically defined software for the sole purpose of accounting and bookkeeping will keep your business afloat in no time.

You have the solution now in the form of the My CPA Dashboard.

Surely, you are an accountant (if you are reading this) or want to learn more about how to use the right accounting software. You are at the right place.

Long gone are the days when Excel and its formulas were the “It” factor. Well, not anymore. Think of the manual errors, complicated formulas, and the incorrect assessment of the values. Yeah, that’s not going to happen anytime soon when using My CPA Dashboard.

A professionally designed CPA Practice Management System that allows the accountant to manage all the tasks in one flow.

Providing CPA Software all over the US, over the past 4 years, My CPA Dashboard has become an expert accounting software suitable for small businesses to help them optimize their business network without any delay.

Besides, we also retain our clients happier than ever. How? The Founder, Tariq Saleh, is an Expert Accountant who faced similar problems as any other accountant. Completely born out of the frustration of the lack of financial management led to the digital venture in the shape of the My CPA Dashboard.

This gives us the extra edge, to develop and deliver the accounting software for all accounting firms that will help them continue with their workflow even remotely.

So who are we talking to here?

My CPA Dashboard is the accounting language for two major audiences.

  • The accounting firms or other businesses looking to switch their manual efforts into an online platform.
  • The individual practitioners looking for CRM Systems for Accountants.

We Followed The Test and Trial Method

There are other fish in the sea too. We also compiled a list of the other CPA software that has helped us analyze the market.

Quickbooks Online

One of the standard online accounting software suitable for all businesses. Especially the accounting firms value this CPA Practice Management Software in the long run.

It is a cloud-based portal which means users can access it from any computer and a strong internet connection. A cloud-based tool can be easily accessed and also keeps your data safe without the breach of confidential documents.

Quickbooks Desktop

Another side to this accounting software is the desktop version. It’s not live on the cloud but you can install it on your personal computer. This comes in handy as you have direct access to the computer after installation.

Die-hard fans of the accounting world, who want easy offline access to a Practice Management Software for CPAs, Quickbooks Desktop is the one and the only version for them.

What makes it more fortunate to use it is that it’s a highly customizable and complex system to use.


Another CRM system for accountants is available in the form of Sage. Although it’s more directed towards the larger firms, really the size of the company doesn’t matter. The essential tools it offers to the client is what made a strong clientele for them.

In case you are a small business looking for more premium features, Sage might just be the right option for you as “Sage for Small Business”.


Comparatively a newcomer to the accounting industry, in a short tenure it has become one of the fastest competitors to the QBO.

It’s not surprising as Xero describes itself as the “Beautiful Business and Accounting Software”. Seems ironic right? But the clunky choice of words has paid off in the favor of the customers looking for an alternate choice.

How does My CPA Dashboard Work?

What did we learn from approaching the reviewing of each product? From our careful observations, the following features are what it takes to become the best Practice Management Software for CPAs:

  • Cloud-based: the user must be able to access the software from any time and anywhere making it comfortable for the small business to log in.
  • Expense classification: the exclusive business accounting software easily classifies the expenses which allows you to edit instantly.
  • Invoice: easy to let the invoice out so that the client can pay on time.
  • Multi-user interface: multiple logins allows practice larger than 1. Different access for multiple permissions.
  • Easy navigation: the simple easy to use layout takes less time to complete the task.
  • Client communication: you can communicate with the client with no distractions and keep the information updated.

And so the list will continue to grow.

Make The Final Decision

When it comes to easy to use CRM Systems for Accountants, My CPA Dashboard allows the small business to navigate through the online CPA practice management system with ease and work on the tasks smoothly. You can learn more details about the Pricing Plans.

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