CRM Client Portal: Best Features of My CPA Dashboard

Desperate time calls for desperate measures. Even several small-scale businesses had to downsize their manpower because of the slow business before hitting a dead end. The struggle between the outsourced accountants and the company’s management also took a hit as the work from home became the best option. Digital apps and software are the saviors in such crucial times. Thus, companies have forgone manual accounting practices and letting their accountants get used to the CRM client portals.

Since there are several competitors in town, you need to find the right accounting software that works for you.

CRM Client Portal – The Best Option for Small Scale Business

Looking into the client’s need to have proper accounting records is what My CPA Client Portal focuses on. The software meets the accounting and bookkeeping needs of the clients in an easy way with extensive resourcefulness.

What makes the My CPA Dashboard so useful?

Installing the latest  My CPA Portal allows you to keep the accounting functions alive, more so the software itself promotes the;

1. High availability and expandability with the business growth.

2. Self-service competency so that clients can use it freely

3. Flexibility in use by being user-friendly for the accountant

4. High-security level to protect the client’s financial information

5. Use of in-depth analytical tools that helps improve the customer experience

6. Functional capacities that are client-centric

So, once you start using the My CPA Dashboard Client Portal you will get to enjoy some of the best features that will help you to keep financial records straight.

My CPA Dashboard Client Portal Quality Features

The client portal is the bridge between the accountants and the client. Using My CPA Dashboard, as an accountant, you will have access to enter the information, add employees and do a lot more to improve the work transparency.

Since the accounting portal focuses on the flexible use of software and high-security cloud coverage you can enjoy some of the other best features too like;

1. Imminent Document Sharing

Accountants need to carry on with the daily cash flow, not only this but every inflow and outflow must be entered.

The manual practice seems fine but is quite outdated now. Instead of using the CRM client portal they can upload the information correctly, check and edit it rather easily.

While keeping the accounts and ledgers in check, the portal also allows accounts to share the financial documents when in need too. Working in collaboration is easier because of the document sharing function. The users (employees) have access to the files as administered by the admin (the accountant).

2. Library of Standard Forms

Uploading and sharing document features has made access easy for accounts and for the rest of employees too. However, My CPA Portal also provides accessibility to the library of standard forms too.

The users are allowed to select from pre-built templates of presentations, memorandums, and all sorts of manuals that may be required. This is time-efficient for the accountants to streamline all the work and be able to provide the information and prepare the documents.

4. Access to Secured Information

Another best feature of using the My CPA Dashboard client portal is that it allows you to keep all information intact and safe in its cloud storage. Accountants are responsible for the information and record-keeping but foremost they are responsible for keeping the record safe.

How to do so?

The client portal allows you, as an accountant, to generate the passwords for every document or piece of information you deem fit. There are times when you have to access the portal from the mobile too. So the mobile-friendly features are a great part of the My CPA Dashboard as various degrees are still applicable if you want to access the app.

5. Dashboard Interface

The user interface must ensure that the client portal is easy to navigate and is quite user-friendly. My CPA Dashboard interface visualizes the content and tabs in a standard proportion so that the user finds to use the software easily.

The dashboard appears on the user’s screen. It is the main control panel that keeps the processing and selection and data usage intact throughout the time accounting is using it. It also keeps track of all records and control of the activities too.

6. Loss Prevention

How safe is your data? In case of any sudden power outbreak or a system crash, what are you supposed to do?

When a manual practice takes place, the risk is that the papers can get jumbled up or get lost the same level of fear does exist when you are putting every bit of information online on an accounting portal.

Luckily for the clients, the My CPA Dashboard portal has an autosave option. This protects your data and automatically saves it on the cloud storage without the need to save it again and again.

7. Automatic Updates

The CRM Client Portal keeps up with the latest updates too. Hence it is another prominent feature – automatic updates. This allows users to have a much-enhanced experience. Before the automatic updates begin, users are notified so that they are aware of the latest updates.

The notification consists of the information about which features are being updated and so on.

To let you have a better experience My CPA Dashboard will keep updating the portal at intervals.

8. Sustainability

The use of technology is unavoidable. But it doesn’t mean it has to affect the ecosystem. Servers require space and are placed in a safe capacity. Since a lot of systems are working together, they will produce heat too. But our smart engineers take care of the servers at the backend to ensure that sustainability is not in question in any matter.

My CPA Dashboard servers are “energy-efficient” which makes them an ideal choice to use in the long run too.

The Bottom Line

Using the right client portal matters the most. My CPA Dashboard is secure and highly work efficient accounting software that allows every accountant to use it on free will. The paperless financial work is part of the modern business world. So why not get the hang of it?