CPA Email Marketing Is Evolving The Accounting Firms In 2021

CPA Email Marketing Is Evolving The Accounting Firms In 2021

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Published: 08/6/19

What can accounting firms do for effective communication with their clients? Building relationships is not easy. The most chronic complaints of clients are that they have to leave the CPA due to lack of communication. There is a tool that can help the CPAs and clients have proper interaction. The sad truth is not every tool is as effective for accounting firms. The current business environment is taking the most hit due to unprecedented conditions. To stabilize the accounting firms one needs to have a competitive edge.

Reaching out to prospects is more crucial than ever. Accounting firms need to understand that marketing is yet another important tool that will help them locate new customers. Turns out email marketing is one of the major tools that can be helpful.

But the sad truth is that email marketing is underutilized. If used the right way it can give the competitive edge that an accounting firm needs.

What Is Email Marketing?

What does it mean to send an email?

For a well-adopted business, email is an effective way to approach a prospective client company to avail their said services.

CPA email is almost the same as any other professional email. But what is meant by email marketing?

“It is an effective digital marketing strategy to send emails to prospects with the chance of converting into customers. The one-time buyers can be converted into long-term clients for good if you pitch them the right way.”

For an accounting firm, the key to building a strong relationship is based on the client’s loyalty to the effective work task. Communication must be consistent and effective. This is why CPA email marketing matters the most. The high point to create a sales pitch is to represent who you are, what the company represents, and what benefits you as an accounting firm/CPA can give to the clients.

Role Of CPA Email Marketing

A well-drafted email when it reaches the audience must carry the necessary details. It’s not like a regular email. It’s not informal either. The message is precise and conveyed in a professional way. When accounting firms use accounting software like My CPA Dashboard, the use of emails is expected at the end of the day, or during the completion of the task.

CPA Email Marketing

Email marketing for CPA becomes necessary to the point when you are focusing on the following factors;

  1. Increasing The Reach

CPA email marketing will give you the benefit of doubt to increase your customer reach in less time. Social media is not an effective strategy for accounting firms as one would like it to be. It may fall short of the goals you have in mind.

Perhaps this is the foremost reason behind the CPA email use. Also, the accounting software gives the benefits of encrypted emails on a daily basis. One can always highlight this specific feature to prospective clients.

  1. Ease Of Email Access

Despite the myths weaving about the emails, the fact is emails are not dead. In the business world, they are effective tools for communication. Due to the pandemic, emails once again have been in use more so than ever.

Emails are easy to access even on the cellphone, which is why email marketing for CPA makes sense too. Unlike other marketing channels, a large audience uses emails on a regular basis.

  1. Customer Information

If you want to update a customer about recent developments in your work or share details about the progress of your business, email is a simple way to do it.

Sharing information via emails is conclusive. Prepare an email list and deliver the messages in just a few clicks sounds easy enough. If as an accounting firm you have reached a certain milestone you can share that message in the form of an email. This will attract prospects. You can also choose to run digital ads.

  1. Creating Brand Awareness

Accounting firms are brands too. The name and service you offer to provide the matter. So, how does an email build brand awareness? Creating awareness means attracting the audience. People will learn about your business when you make it visible.

CPA emails are one way to assure that as an accounting firm you get to share;

    • Industry updates
    • Expert advice
    • Market news
    • New policies
    • Blog updates etc.

These categories may not directly be related to your business but they should be relevant to the accounting world. CPAs, accountants, and client companies can learn about your services. Emails help to create a pertaining history.

  1. Example Of Target Marketing

Even accounting firms must make their clients feel special. Emails are an effective way to send a personalized message. This is targeted marketing.

Every email needs to be unique. It should be composed in a way that is relevant to your client, so that when they read it, they get the feeling of prioritization.

So how to begin the target marketing?

Start by segmenting your email list. Categories and segments help to divide your client into a particular list. Compose the emails related to each category. Your client can range from pharmaceuticals to sports manufacturing firms to retails stores. Customizing the emails allows addressing each recipient by name and company, their job title, and so on. It creates a lot of difference in customer’s minds.

Characteristics Of A Genuine CPA Email

Now that you have an idea about the role of CPA email marketing, now you need to become aware of the core qualities of a professional email.

Every email marketing for CPA possesses certain characteristics that make it an effective strategy for the business.

  1. Aspire The Right Action

An email is incomplete without the right CTA (call-to-action). Why would someone sign up with your accounting service? Adding the CTA is the last resort to use that makes the prospects click on the quote/sign-up/visit your website etc button.

It is easy to embed a CTA button(s) in your email. It can be used to;

    • Ask people to sign up
    • Direct them to the cost calculator page
    • Ask to buy a subscription plan
    • Ask to get an instant quote now and so on.

These are just a few examples you need to consider when writing the CTAs.

  1. Email Shows Credibility

To build a strong relationship with your client, you must be able to personalize the email. This is the core benefit of the CPA email marketing that other channels of marketing lack.

It not only engages the audience but also creates credibility that email is written by an individual and is not an automated generated piece of writing.

  1. Scalability Factor

Do you want to increase your list of subscribers? In terms of CPA emails, it is easy to do so. Scalability is related to your growth. Therefore the beauty of emails quadruples when the email lists start to grow.

This means you are moving in the right direction. The 10 people in your email list do the word of mouth on your behalf when they discuss their business ventures done with the accounting firms within their business circle.

  1. Business And Accounting Problems

The email must not only be about selling your services to the client. But it also must send a clear message to clients about solving their accounting problems.

If you are sending the newsletter in the email, the content must revolve around the business, not accounting. Accounting is part of the client’s business. Give your client a bigger picture to see things clearly.

If you focus on business topics more with soft mention of financial aspects gives you a 30% more chance of “open rate”.

Drive Your Accounting Firm At My CPA Dashboard’s Door

Gaining a competitive edge even with email marketing for CPA is not an easy task. You need to be clear on your goals and about the market you want to target. Whether you are a CPA, an accountant, or a bookkeeper hunting for accounting software that includes email generation My CPA Dashboard is here to help you in the matter.

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