Quality Customer Representative Skills for Online CPAs: What They Need to Know

What does it take for a business to become a brand? A lot of factors are involved but customer representative skill is one of the essential keys for brand building. In the accounting world, online CPAs should have skills that enable them to provide the services needed by customers. The core values of online CPA include customer service, being an expert in your field, sound judgment as well as problem-solving and communication skills.

Online CPAs should be able to represent various clients including business owners and senior managers. They are required to think independently and respond promptly when facing a challenge. They also need to understand how important client relationships are for long-term success.

The accounting world is no different than other sectors. However, maintaining the client relationship is even more crucial in this industry.

Essential Online CPA Core Elements to Adopt

Customers are always willing to pay more for the services only if they are offered one of the most amazing customer representations. It matters a lot to shape the perspective a customer has about your product and services.

You also may have experienced in the past, that customers leave a business just because they are unable to be forthcoming with their objectives. Why? The serious lack of communication says it all.

It’s best to take your time out of your busy schedule to see what type of skills an online CPA needs to adapt with time. Just keep reading on, you can thank us later.

  1. Customer’s Importance

“Customer is the king” is a powerful saying in the business world. Without one, you cannot grow. So every customer deserves some royal treatment as each one is part of your business.

To hang on to customers, you need to have the talk. Sounds cheap but it’s not. Without your customer, you wouldn’t be anywhere. It’s your job to ensure that the client you are working with is happy with your software. Online CPAs are known for their quality work but also for their level of understanding of a customer’s requirements.

So the next time, your client becomes angry or is frustrated, let them take it out but respond in the best way possible. Pricing can wait as long as your customer is retained. It can create much difference.

  1. Aim for Reputation

No one is willing to do business with a dead agent. Being said out loud, one needs to have affirmative behavior with their customers.

If a business has a long list of clientele complaining in the past, then it gives the wrong signals to the prospects. Online CPAs must reassure their clients that they will have a remarkable experience with them. Even when you use the software you will keep up with the communication via emails and notifications.

This gives much reassurance to the clients to see that the CPAs are working with concern. Also, make your team understand the importance of the brand you are creating with the help of the software. But one also needs to keep the customer in mind. The more you create a strong relationship with the client the better chances are for retention.

  1. Have Empathy

A stellar customer representative skill means understanding what is going on in the customer’s mind. CPAs can provide the service online, they even act as the great salesman in introducing the software for service.

Not only will it reduce your client’s frustration but working online also gives them a competitive edge to stay in touch with them when need be. Empathy offers the solution your customers need from you indirectly. This is great to boost sales but also resolves the problem if any.

  1. Software Knowledge

You are a top seller of accounting software that ensures your clients are doing well. As a working Online CPA, you should be aware of the critical benefits of using My CPA Dashboard. After all, you need to have a solid grip over the accounting tools so that customers can trust you.

When you are using an accounting tool you must have deep knowledge about it. Also using a simple interface dashboard as My CPA Dashboard allows you to communicate with the clients without any disruption.

Your client must be satisfied with the product/service you are pitching them for.

  1. Quick Response

The kind of response you show to the clients is crucial. Responding does not mean that you need to change your work module but customers are always looking for solutions. Provide them with one.


Even if a client is confused or not on the same page as you, one should remain polite and professional. You need to keep your calm. Seek ways to help your client eliminate their problems without compromising the work quality. Being responsive is the foremost action CPAs and bookkeepers must take to look promising.

  1. Be Available

Are you available at the time your customer needs you? To be the listening ear, CPAs when doing remote work need to be available at the hour of need.

Some customers prefer to have a day-by-day report while some ask for progress reports by the end of the day. When working online CPAs use an accounting tool like My CPA Dashboard, they are able to generate progress reports according to the customer’s requirement. It helps to keep tabs on the work progress but also a client can discuss the further actions.

Your accessibility matters to clients so that in case of any last-minute purchases or changes in the financial statements can be handled in a timely manner.


If you want your customers to be happy with you, an online CPAs strongest suit, besides their financial skills, is being their own customer representative. One thing to remember is that CPAs working remotely need to rely on their communication skills.

So, the higher level of communication one has with clients, the better chances your customer will have to reach you.

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