Concerns of CPA’s Before Selecting Secure Client Portal for Accountants

Accounting and tax clients are always aware of their financial information and don’t want them in the wrong hands even if it implicates nothing. By establishing a good secure Client Portal for Accountants, you can assure your clients about the security of their financial records. There are accounting portals that ensure an encrypted exchange of information and password-protected access.


The two most significant features to look at secure client portal for accountants are:

  • Is it simple to utilize? The greater part of accountants in our study chose convenience by clients as the top worry for their portal. Also, in light of current circumstances. If it is difficult to utilize, clients won’t use it and simply send you an email. That puts your business in danger. To think about usability, we take a look at the fact that it is so natural to send documents, get records, and oversee records.

  • How far it is secured? While all portals guarantee to be secure, some just scramble information during moves (to ensure against sneaking around), while others likewise encode it when putting away on their servers (to secure against information burglary). Each thing has diverse security shields to ensure against software. Some likewise reinforce the information in remote areas to shield your information from tropical storms, floods, or other catastrophic events that can make one area inaccessible.

How to choose CPA software for your business

In many instances, the quality of the professional advice you receive will have a direct impact on how successful your enterprise is. It’s crucial to select the best CPA software for your needs, but several business owners aren’t sure how to get started. Here are some important factors to think about to get you going.

  • Experience in your industry

Verify that the software you pick has previous clients in your industry. The most effective strategies to monitor and minimize inventories, costs, or business expenses vary widely by industry. You can traverse these areas effectively and profitably with the assistance of a professional CPA.

  • Firm Size

You should anticipate higher rates and less individualized attention from larger firms. A too-small accounting firm, on the other hand, could not have the knowledge or scope of services to fulfill your company’s needs. Thus you need to see what kind of company would be best able to cater to your required services.  

  • Services Offered

There are a lot of CPA firms that provide services including bookkeeping, tax preparation, financial planning, and business consulting. Make sure that your search parameters include performing audits or business valuations if you require a company to do so.

  • Availability

How simple will it be for you to contact the person handling your account when you have inquiries or need financial guidance? The professional credentials of the person chosen to help you should also be taken into account.

  • References

Choosing the correct CPA software is essential if you want to maximize the potential of your company. Ask for and check out the client references they provide rather than choosing the first licensed CPA you come across. A fantastic place to start is with referrals from other business owners in your sector. Also, keep in mind that a lot of accountants will have received independent web reviews.

You might want to ask current or previous clients the following relevant questions:

    • Does the CPA software offer services promptly and answer questions?
    • Do they advise their clients of changes to tax laws and other important business news?
    • How technologically advanced is the infrastructure there?
    • What is their history with regard to employee turnover?

Our Exquisite Service

we give your clients a protected spot to share classified records, sign archives and send secure email messages directly from our site.

With our Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) insurance and the most recent encoded advanced services. You can unhesitatingly furnish your clients with simple, day-in and day-out access to safely message you and give key secret documentation.

Also, utilizing our inherent, secure electronic signature (E-Sign) innovation, you and your clients can sign reports from the comfort of your PCs, tablets, and even right from your cell phones. No more faxing. Not more sharing secret information by email.

Advantageous Route

My CPA Dashboard likewise gives an advantageous route to your clients to book meetings with you. We essentially associate the framework with your Google or Office 365 schedule. At that point, clients or possibilities can book a period directly from your site. Not anymore to and fro attempting to discover meeting times.

You can likewise set up suggestions to advise your clients of arrangements and significant due dates.

These safe client instruments will assist with making dealing with your training simpler and less tedious.

Is a safe client portal for accountants easy to use?

Probably the most serious issue with the secure client portal for accountants is an absence of comfort. Clients are required to make a new login and gain proficiency with another interface to discuss safely with the supplier. Commonly, portals are inconvenient and moderate, particularly when contrasted with the customer email and record-sharing services with which clients are familiar.


Utilizing a secure portal additionally requires cautiousness from the organization. If the portal has not been effectively set up, or the IT division neglects to fix or supplant it when new security vulnerabilities are found, private client data can be undermined.

Popular Utility

Maybe most essentially, secure portals aren’t commonly perfect. Most companies that use a secure client portal for accountants should have the option to impart classified information to different organizations. Law offices haggle with one another and work together with specialists and witnesses; clinical experts forward clinical records to different suppliers; and money-related advisors need to intervene in complex exchanges between various meetings.

In any case, with every organization utilizing its online CPA firm client portal software, there’s an awful method to safely share data. As a rule, providers will utilize decoded email and other hazardous easy routes. If they do endeavor to utilize portals, they may need to download the information starting with one framework and transfer it onto the next, sitting around idly and presenting superfluous information. Without encryption management, they can use to converse with any organization, there’s no sufficient method to secure delicate information.

Is there a superior choice to make sure about CPA firm client portals?

Email encryption has been disregarded by many organizations because, verifiably, was difficult to utilize.

When things are getting done in time without unnecessary snags, it increases overall workplace competence which eventually results in customer satisfaction and a better reputation in the industry.

My CPA Dashboard is a CRM suite that gives an online secured client portal for accountants that allows you to offer your clients a single secure client portal for accountants. The suit also has valuable features like bank integration, a payroll portal, and e-signature authentication. My CPA Dashboard comes up with a feature-packed package to meet the necessities of our customers. Providing security is our core concern along with easy, hassle-free utility.