Client Portal Software Building Accounting Relationship With Progressive Accountant

What does the modern business have anything to do with client portal software? The use of accounting software is still a new concept to many small businesses. Entrepreneurs are mostly customer-driven or follow a product or service-based strategy. However, there’s one shortcoming. What’s happening at the accounting backend? If things go awry in the book, it will affect the entire workflow.

So even to negotiate with clients, either B2B or B2C, you need software that gives you access to the files, lets you manage the documents, and shares them with clients in a progressive manner. Accountants are now becoming more and more digitized. How?

Say hello to the Client Portal Software.


Why Use Client Portal Software for Accountants?

If you want to meet your client’s needs and keep up with your financial documents and other workflows then there’s no reason not to use the software by the accountants. The world of accounting is progressing online.

Using software for accountants now is becoming a crucial point for the business to maintain the workflows ever since the pandemic crisis.

Instead of building a client portal, it’s best to benefit from ready-to-use available client portal software online for all business use. Especially the small businesses, with their limited budget, can maintain the workflow.

So whichever accountant a small business decides to hire, would they be considered a progressive accountant?

Let’s find out.


The Emerging of Progressive Accountant

He or she is like any regular accountant. But it’s much more than just being an accountant.

Technology is evolving. My CPA Portal is one such example that lets accountants complete their tasks online, instead of manual work.

Is it progressive? Absolutely.

So if you are a progressive accountant, it means you make the most out of the technology to create a new experience. For yourself and for your client it will change the working relationship. The goal is to build a savvy or a positive relationship.

Being tech-savvy and relationship-savvy? It will make clients trust you. 

So using a client portal software is as much about a client as much as it is about an accountant. So as an accountant if you want to build a better relationship with your client, you need to evolve your accounting practices too. Also, you can say goodbye to complex financial statements

The key is to align the work with online software for efficiency.


Understanding the Modern Client

One of the most progressive modern client examples is IBM


“IBM is sold over 109,000 cars, in 1937 as compared to the 11,000 for Cadillac and by 1954 it became an independent producer”. 


Do you think IBM’s success is limited to only the office machine industry? Finances were involved. If the customer’s demand has shifted, the next should be to reevaluate the business strategy right?

Things took a u-turn during 2020 due to pandemics. The lockdown and the economic tribulations – all contributed to changing how business owners are currently dealing.

Since the past year was such an anomaly, most are eager to leave things behind. But it still isn’t a legit reason to overlook the accounting books. But what are your clients after now?

The easy question popping up these days is “where the business is heading?” or “what the marking is going to be in 2021?”

If the customer’s demand has shifted, the next should be to reevaluate the business strategy right?

People are now focusing more on their personal lives as well as their work. A progressive accountant is helpful in this matter using the My CPA Portal. It’s easy to navigate, access, and share documents.

Isn’t this what the accountant wants? Sure it is.


How the New Business Guidelines Affect the Accountants?

Ever since the business operations have moved the line, it also affected the accountants. To better serve the clients, software for accountants is exactly required at this point.

Plus, accountants are more than tax handlers. To keep the business afloat and managing, the services of a progressive accountant are much preferred. Using the right effective client portal software, accountants have the opportunity to help their clients to plan the necessary changes.


Developing Effective Client Portal Strategy for Accountants 

You have to stay strong in three dimensions – be authentic, personable, and approachable. Using a client portal doesn’t mean you are creating a barrier, instead, you are removing one.

So it’s fair to say that accounting practice can be deployed using the client portal software with related accounting strategies. 


  1. Create a Valuable Portal Proposition 

According to the current estimates, around 20%-40% of firms use client portal software. Although several of these firms are leveraging only the very tip of the portal’s potential is used for major accounting and bookkeeping purposes. 

So you can create a proposition that points to the increased security value for the client information, automating the manual tasks using the client portal software, and offer more innovative accounting services. 

This helps to transform the nature of client relationship i.e the accountant and business client. 


  1. Focus on the Stages of Client Portal Software Development 

A client portal is available, ready for accountants to use as per their demand. However, the client portal software strategy must include the following terms; 

    • Document Exchange

 Initially to build interest for accountants you need to focus on capturing their attention for client information. The document exchange and uploading of cloud documents mean focusing on paperless practice. 

This helps to build trust using the client portal software, the information with the client can be exchanged without the fear of a breach. 

    • Workflow Integration 

To infuse client portal software successfully in your work schedule, you need to include both, the client services and administrative tasks to become a highly progressive accountant. 

For instance, you can facilitate the workflow by establishing online tax preparation for clients, accept credit card payments and provide updates. 

The potential link between the accountant and software allows creating long-term relations. 

    • Single Aggregation 

Consider all online services that a business usually use on an average day like; 

      • Bank accounts 
      • Credit card accounts
      • Insurance
      • Taxes 

And many others. 

The opportunity to do it under one roof is made possible with the client portal software. To build a strong base of operations for all clients, the client portals allow you to have a virtual walkthrough of every activity on a daily basis. 

Accountants benefit from the simplification of all tasks using the client portal software. 

    • Cloud Computing 

Major online accounting software like QuickBooks, FreshBooks, My CPA Dashboard, etc have designed a portal that offers a plethora of accounting activities and related tasks, etc enabled with inclusive features. 

So the client has access through the portal over the cloud applications, however, accountants still are the key stakeholders. The ability to roll the accounting tasks with the cloud applications integrated within each feature has evolved the accounting strategy. 

    • Finalize the Portal Strategy 

To use the client portal software you need to alleviate a strategy to use it at its full potential. 

You can create a short-term or long-term plan to use the client portal, therefore the more strategically you use the client portal, the more successful control you will have over accountancy and client communication. 


Here’s what you can do further;

    • Reach out to curious clients. Get to know them better. Understand how they want to continue their business.
    • Ask the right questions. You will need to do research to help clients find the right answers too.
    • Understanding the business model helps. You can better identify, arrange and schedule the tasks using the software.
    • Focus on building a trusting relationship to support your client is moving one step ahead and so on.



Today’s world is interconnected. The purpose of using My CPA Portal is to help accountants remain connected to their clients in a healthier way. It’s becoming more of a requirement rather than being only an added “nice-to-have” feature. You can try using a demo right away. It’s all just a click away.

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