Certified Payroll for Construction: A Complete Guide

A certified payroll is like a detailed receipt that construction companies working on government-funded projects need to keep. It shows exactly how much they pay each worker and ensures everyone gets fair wages. Let’s explore what certified payroll is all about, along with the Davis-Bacon Act, prevailing wage, and Form WH-347.

1) What Is Certified Payroll?

Certified payroll is a system that construction companies use to track and report the wages they pay their workers on government-funded projects. It’s called “certified” because the company swears that the information is accurate.

How Does Certified Payroll Work?

Construction companies have to keep careful records of how much they pay each worker, including their hours and any deductions. They then submit these records weekly using Form WH-347.

Why Is Certified Payroll Important?

Certified payroll ensures that workers are paid fairly and that the government can check that everyone is being paid correctly on these projects.

2) What is the Davis-Bacon Act?

The Davis-Bacon Act is a law that requires construction companies working on federally funded projects to pay their workers at least the same wages and benefits that other workers in the area get for similar jobs. This law helps ensure that workers are paid fairly.

Key Points of the Davis-Bacon Act

  • It requires contractors to submit weekly payroll records.
  • It applies to construction projects that cost more than $2,000.
  • It helps prevent unfair competition and supports local economies.

Benefits of the Davis-Bacon Act

  • Ensures fair wages for construction workers.
  • Promotes local economic development.
  • Helps maintain high standards in the construction industry.

3) What Is the Prevailing Wage?

The prevailing wage is the wage rate that most workers in a particular area are paid for similar work. It’s determined by the Department of Labor based on surveys of wages in the area.

How Is the Prevailing Wage Determined?

The Department of Labor surveys wages in different areas to determine the prevailing wage for each type of construction work. This ensures that workers are paid fairly for their work.

Why Is Prevailing Wage Compliance Important?

Complying with prevailing wage laws is crucial for construction companies to avoid penalties and legal issues. It also ensures that workers are paid fairly for their work.

4) What Is Form WH-347?

Form WH-347, also known as the “Certified Payroll Form,” is the form that construction companies use to submit their certified payroll records for federally funded projects. It includes details such as the worker’s name, hours worked, and wages paid.

How to Fill Out Form WH-347

  • Enter the company’s details.
  • List all workers and their hours worked.
  • Calculate total wages and any deductions.
  • Sign and certify the form before submitting it.

In conclusion, certified payroll, the Davis-Bacon Act, prevailing wage laws, and Form WH-347 are essential for construction companies working on government-funded projects. Understanding and following these rules ensures that workers are paid fairly and helps avoid legal issues.