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Core Elements of Excellent Customer Service for Online CPAs

Quality Customer Representative Skills for Online CPAs: What They Need to Know

What does it take for a business to become a brand? A lot of factors are involved but customer representative skill is one of the essential keys for brand building. In the accounting world, online CPAs should have skills that enable them to provide the services needed by customers. The core values of online CPA …

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3 Reasons CPA Should Provide “Out of Hours Support”

3 Reasons CPA Should Provide “Out of Hours Support”

If you provide online bookkeeping services to small and medium-sized businesses and want to add a USP to your credentials, then consider offering out of hours support to clients. Bookkeeping and accounting experts that work with businesses without sharing the same physical location can make their operations more flexible by offering out of hours or …

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Questions to ask a CPA

Guide for First Time Client Communication: Questions to ask a CPA

The accounting world is obsessed with financial services, reports, and statements. Yet sometimes we tend to forget that even accountants and clients need to lay a foundation of communication between them. You might be communicating with the hired professional but what questions to ask a CPA especially when it’s your first time hiring one?  You …

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4 Small Business Financial Reports Reviewed by Professional Bookkeepers

Many small businesses only get professional bookkeeping done in order to comply with legal requirements associated with the filing of income tax returns. There is no doubt that bookkeeping is central to all types of tax preparation. However, bookkeeping services have a bigger scope than this. There are many financial details presented by professional bookkeeping …

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