Best Cloud Document Storage: Make File Sharing and Sync Easier

Accounting is boring. We get it. But what if it’s not anymore? Time has taught businesses to evolve their practices, so what makes you think accountants and CPAs will remain behind in the competition? Luckily there are some of the best cloud document storage that has helped the accounting world to progress.


The online software that helps sweep the mess in an organized way is welcomed with open arms. And why wouldn’t it be? There is top-notch cloud technology that businesses can benefit from in the long run.

If you are looking to upgrade your filing system, then look in the direction of cloud document storage. The best part is – there is plenty of software to choose from! Storing files is not a hassle anymore.

So, we have compiled a list of the best cloud document storage that makes file sharing and syncing easier than ever. Startups with a limited budget should keep reading on!

Cloud Document Storage: What to Expect?

Before you rush into buying a cloud document storage just because everyone is doing so, stop for a minute. You need to understand details about cloud storage first.

It is a computing resource that stores files and allows the user to share and sync documents with other online users. The cherry on the top – cloud storage means unlimited space! You can fill up the cloud storage with documents, account info, and all related files.

Since there are dozens of services available, some quality software also provides cloud storage along with other features like file hosting, generating reports, managing cash flows, and so on.

In simple words, if you want an online space to store your files, cloud storage software is the ideal choice for you. You do not need to keep the documents on a hard drive anymore. Online storage is exceedingly becoming a safer option for businesses.

To ease the confusion, about what to buy and what to avoid, we have listed some of the top software featuring document cloud storage and also initiated some of the other quality features.

Best Cloud Document Storage for Businesses

  1. My CPA Dashboard

Cloud Document Storage

Firms always need software that will solve not only their file-sharing problems but also is a perfect hack to manage business operations. Fortunately, My CPA Dashboard is a convenient option for many small businesses.

My CPA Dashboard is a long-term investment that involves;

    • Document Storage
    • Secure File Sharing
    • Billing Plans
    • E-Signature
    • Bank Account Integration etc.

The software is an unlimited paperless portal that connects employees and clients on the same page without any miscommunication. Uploading, downloading, sharing, and syncing important documents is easier now thanks to the cloud storage privilege.

You can also try the 30-day free trial to see if it best meets your needs.

To enjoy the perks you need to sign in, fill out the form, and get access to an easy-to-use dashboard that provides the necessary features to streamline the processes from the very beginning.

Now you can sync your workflow with clients and stay at the top of the game. Besides, cloud document storage is safe with layers of added security so you can also relax about document theft. It is easy to operate on iOS, Windows, Ubuntu, and Linux.


    • Task management 
    • different user interfaces
    • Phone and email support 
    • Branded client portal
    • Integration of eSignatures 
    • Online document storage
    • Sharing files securely


It could be a bit pricey for smaller businesses

  1. Google Drive

Cloud Storage

The popular franchise, Google, offers the complete office tool sets with optimized cloud storage in the form of Google Drive.

It’s a little bit of everything from word processor to the presentation builder and more. However, it does not allow a bank account integration like My CPA dashboard but it’s a safe cloud document storage space.

Users get 15GB free storage for any file format they want to upload on the Drive like videos, documents, and photos.

To access Google Drive, you need to sign up for the Gmail ID first. You can also enjoy the upgrade storage plans – those require additional costs. For instance, if you sign in for Google One membership you will have 100GB but need to pay $2.

Google Drive is easy to use, and certainly a convenient platform for document sharing and syncing. However, it does not offer any free trial.


    • abundant free storage area
    • outstanding productivity-suite cooperation
    • consists of desktop-to-desktop file synchronisation
    • several integrations with external parties
    • Offers 15GB of free storage
    • Integrates with Google Docs for easy collaboration
    • Easy to use and widely used
    • apps that work across platforms


    • no shared files are password-protected
    • Limited privacy and security features
    • Google may use your data for advertising purposes
    • multiple apps are needed for all relevant functions, though mobile apps could perform more.
    • a few privacy worries
  1. pCloud Storage

pCloud Storage

For some businesses, it may be a more expensive option but pCloud Storage offers lifetime subscriptions. It means you can have a virtual cloud drive permanently.

The personal cloud document storage allows you to store the files and folder in an easy manner. The user-friendly interface can be accessed from any location. It offers a 30-day trash history. Also, users have the unlimited remote upload traffic option too! You just need a URL of the file to get the perks.

Similar to Dropbox, pCloud storage offers an unlimited size option i.e. there is no limit to the size of the attachment.

Another option for users is that they can store their data either in the EU or the US. This unique feature helps companies to stay attuned to privacy policies. However, the company itself is situated in Switzerland and allows a premium of $4.99/m. If you opt for this option you have the benefit of locking and unlocking the files with the passwords.


    • Encryption safeguards your data.
    • Saving space on your hard drive with a virtual pCloud drive
    • Incredible backup
    • 10 GB or more of free storage
    • Features and a user-friendly UI
    • Availability on all of your devices
    • Collaboration and sharing with others
    • Store documents from different web services conveniently


    • Many helpful features are absent from the free version of EFH and pCloud crypto, which requires a separate membership.
  1. Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive Cloud

If you are using Windows 8 or 10, then OneDrive is a built-in software in your operating system. Microsoft brings its users the ultimate storage option – OneDrive.

With its help, you can use the file explorer to search for relevant files in your system’s hard drive. Users have the benefit of using it online or download it even on the iOS, or Android apps. You can store all types of files like photos, videos, documents and share the access with the preferred users.

But is it safe to use? Absolutely. OneDrive provides a backup option to make your stored content safe in case you lose it elsewhere. Your files will remain protected in the cloud storage. Also if you want to have an additional layer of security then use the Personal Vault feature that requires identity verification.

Users can benefit from the 5Gb free cloud storage but it can also be upgraded. You are free to choose the pricing plans according to your convenience. The minimum pricing plan begins with $2 with 100 GB storage!


    • Excellent Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows interface clients
    • Offers 5GB of free storage
    • Integrates well with Microsoft Office and other Microsoft tools
    • Allows for easy collaboration on documents
    • Office 365 and Windows 10 are seamlessly linked
    • Strong online photo management and presentation
    • Strong document collaboration and file-sharing 


    • Less free storage compared to certain rivals
    • Limited privacy and security features
    • May not integrate as well with non-Microsoft tools and services
    • Only permits syncing of particular directories
  1. Dropbox

Dropbox Storage

A popular choice among online users is Dropbox. Why? It is reliable, easy to use, and easy to set up on Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android.

When it’s about file-sharing, Dropbox might even be the first name that comes to mind. You can download the app, sync the files from your phone to the online cloud document storage easily. Also, you can track and revert the edited files to their original version within 30 days.

Sharing and collaboration are the two most prominent qualities of Dropbox. You can say goodbye to the annoying notifications about your attachment size. Dropbox users can share the links with each other to view or edit the files.

Plus, users have the option to opt for paid pricing plans for any upgrade they want in the cloud document storage. For instance, pay $20 for a 3TB storage! Or $25 for unlimited storage. Users have the choice to use whichever storage space they want.

Besides, one of the safest features of using Dropbox is to sync files from your phone, camera, or even SD card! Also, you get the advantage of mobile features such as offline folders, document watermarks, live chat support, and so on.


    • Almost all operating systems have apps
    • Easy to use and widely used
    • Offers a variety of integrations with other apps and services
    • Can be used for both personal and business use
    • Multiple ways to collaborate are supported. 
    • Excellent features for paid subscribers
    • Includes a digital signature tool
    • Excellent integration support


    • Free accounts have limited storage.
    • Paid accounts cost money.
    • Limited storage for free users
    • Fewer collaboration features compared to some other options
  1. SmartVault

SmartVault provides a cloud-based, secure client portal and document management software with features & modifications targeted at professional service firms. It is built with bank-level security.

With SmartVault, you may safely store your files online, share them with others, and access them from within your apps.

Some of its primary qualities include an area for adaptable storage, securing sharing between and among top accounting platforms and applications, a personalized client portal, and editing and viewing files without purchasing additional software.

It offers a free trial and the pricing starts at $35 per user or $360 per year, depending on the platform. It is a cloud-based solution that supports both ios and Android.


    • Simple to navigate
    • Notifications via email
    • Document sneak peeks
    • Document storage on the cloud.
    • Tax returns are sent to the client.


    • Pricing
    • Smoother user interface is needed
    • Customer service is not the best
  1. Box

All company files are securely stored in the cloud by Box, which also offers simple access, sharing, and collaboration on any device.

Some of its primary qualities include sharing files securely, working together online, file coordination, admin and IT controls, and enterprise workflow management and security policies. 

There is a free personal plan available to one user and the pricing plan begins at $6 per user per month.


    • Versatile online app that allows for file opening with desktop programmes
    • Nearly 1,500 application integrations
    • Availability of offline syncing 


    • Pricey considering the quantity of storage provided
    • Limited file size
    • Location of desktop syncing app cannot be configured
  1. Office 365

Office apps are accessible anywhere, at any time, thanks to Office 365, making file updating and collaboration easier. Office 265 provides:

    • cloud-based workplace
    • Calendaring and emailing
    • File exchange
    • Conferencing Online
    • On a mobile device, view and modify files.
    • From any browser, create, edit, and share Office documents.

Office 365 Business and Office 365 Business Premium Plans are the only ones that provide a free trial.

The pricing plan begins at $6 per user per month (1-year lock-in).


    • Cost effective
    • Easy access to files
    • Storage drive
    • Quick and easy updates
    • Scalability
    • Affordable and accessible emails


    • Data security is a little compromised 
    • Collaboration tool drawbacks
    • Not intuitive  
    • Integrations are not very powerful
  1. ShareVault

ShareVault offers safe document-sharing options and virtual data rooms for enterprises. It is a little expensive, particularly for new companies. 

Its primary qualities include:

    • Document Management
    • Display and Organize Your Content Keep an Eye on User Activity
    • Easy & Quick Web Application Speed Up Document Review Speed Up Planning
    • Integrate With the Technology You Already Have
    • Safe and Reliable Structure of the Cloud
    • Service and support throughout the week
    • Document control with bank-level security

It is a cloud-based solution that also offers a free trial. The pricing begins at $189 per month.


    • Easy to use
    • Useful features
    • Efficient customer support
    • Provide data security
    • Sharing of documents internally and externally


    • Overwhelming UX
    • Difficult to locate files
  1. 1040 Bridge

1040 Bridge offers software solutions for managing documents. Users can securely share files and documents with teams, as well as manage clients, payments, security management solutions, and records management. It offers a pricing structure based on subscriptions.

A quick and efficient way to mail and save tax returns is through 1040 Bridge. It offers:

    • Faster Payment – Tax Returns Payment Protection
    • Secure Document Sharing with Third Parties
    • Easy Client Follow-Up
    • Integrated Tax Software and Scanner with 7216 Compliance Enhanced Security Measures

It also offers a free trial of 30 days. The pricing plan begins at $500 monthly.


    • Worth the money
    • Features
    • Ease of use
    • Efficient customer service
    • Options to customize
    • Good interface


    • Messy data integration at times

With a comprehensive system that includes fully functional document management, workflow, and a secure client portal, helps accountants be more productive and efficient when gathering, processing, storing and sending documents for accounting companies.

It’s main features include:

    • Work Binders Workflow Cloud + Mobile PDF Editor Document Archive
    • Publishing Web Portal Reports 
    • Main Dashboard 
    • Inbox Scan and 
    • Organize Policy Manager

It doesn’t offer a free trial, and its pricing starts at $17 per month, going up to $60 for 40+ users.


    • Organization of files
    • Effiecient integrations
    • Excellent customer service


    • Have to get the premium package to unlock the features
    • Cannot access from multiple locations
SoftwareRatingFree StorageMonthly PricingFree TrialSupported OS
My CPA Dashboard4.5Unlimited$49 – $499YesiOS/Windows/Linux/Ubuntu
Google Drive4.515 GB$2 – $300NoiOS/Windows
pCloud4.010 GB$4 – $175YesiOS/Windows/Linux
OneDrive5.05 GB$10 – $150YesiOS/Windows/Android
Dropbox4.02 GB$10 – $17YesiOS/Windows/Linux
Office3653.51 TB$6-$22YesiOS/Mac/Windows/Android
1040 Bridge$500-$2200NoWindows
Doc.it4$17- $60NoiOS/Windows/Android

Which is the Winner?

Depending on the size of your business you can opt for any of the cloud document storage from the above. However, if you do want to keep a healthy track of the cash inflows and outflows and take more advantage for storing and syncing the financial document then My CPA Dashboard does have an upper hand here.

But, in the end, it’s always your choice. The smartest option is to try the free trial before you pick one option. May the best one win!

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