Best Cloud Document Storage of 2021: Sync and Save Your Files

Best Cloud Document Storage of 2021: Sync and Save Your Files

Cloud Document Storage

Cloud storage is quite a familiar term by now. You can easily store and access the files over the internet without any worries of losing a file. It is not only about file storage online but also about the providers. Employees can sync their content directly to the desktop via the cloud storage service. While the original copy remains safe and sound on the storage you can create a secondary copy on the desktop. Online document storage for business is a handful of tools.

Although using the right software that powers the cloud storage is super compelling, unfortunately not all accounting softwares are loaded with the cloud storage facility. Even if some do, they do not guarantee the best security or sync features. You need to utilize the best online document storage that allows an excellent syncing experience without any hassle.

Best Cloud Document Storage in 2021

Finding the best cloud storage with sync is a daunting task. Keeping certain qualitative features in mind we have enlisted the tried and tested online document storage you can use for your business.

1. My CPA Dashboard

It is one of the most cunning cloud storage that doesn’t cost you a penny. My CPA Dashboard offers a streamlined practice so that accountants can use the online management software to their full advantage.

It can be used by the CPAs, accountants, bookkeepers, and tax professionals. Cloud storage is available for a lifetime and therefore the paperless way of keeping your files secure.  The software is easy to use, connects the clients to their CPAs, accountants, and so on.

You can start in three easy steps. Just sign up for My CPA Dashboard, direct the link to your accounting firm. This way you can have clear communication. Once the profile is created the user can add the client’s names with their email addresses.

Once the accounts are successfully created you can securely import the transaction history even over 16000 financial establishments! The software doesn’t even slow down a bit at all which makes it one of the best online document storage in 2021.

2. Microsoft OneDrive

Previously known as the SkyDrive, Microsoft has its own cloud storage platform. The user had access to 5GB of total free storage space. In case the user was a registered student or working in academia they are allowed to use 1TB of free storage.

OneDrive is suitable for all variations. Whether it’s a business small or large or a freelancer accountant or bookkeeper you can use it with ease. Make the Hotmail or Microsoft account and follow the procedure step by step to make the profile and set the account accordingly. Consecutively you can collaborate with other users, share the file, and store the documents with ease.

In case you are offline and want to access the files, it is possible to do so. This way you can always have access to the most important documents. Using Windows 10 on your laptop, then it is already pre-installed. Or on the other hand, you can get a paid subscription offering generous cloud storage space.

3. Google Drive

Another affordable cloud document storage includes Google. It’s been busy rebranding parts of its features and services provided to its users. Google Drive is a lot similar to OneDrive but comes with the free version with 15 storage- including documents, GMail, high-resolution images, and so on.

Additional three different plans are available for 100GB, 200GB, and 2TB storage. Each of these individual plans also comes with additional options like a shared family account for storage, plus promotions, and so on.

As a part of G Suite rebranded, businesses can use GoogleDrive or Google One for their workspace too.

So if you are looking for a cheap option for your online document storage this platform can make up for it.

4. Dropbox

For simplified cloud storage you can use Dropbox. One of the oldest cloud storage providers offers a minuscule 2GB of storage space for the users for free. Although it can be increased up to 16GB with the help of referrals or by linking your Dropbox to your social media accounts.

It is easy to install on computers and devices while also featuring the sync option between the apps.

Among every online document cloud storage for business, Dropbox is still the easiest to use. Users prefer it because of its large sync features like block-level sync and smart-sync. Installation is quite straightforward. Once it is installed you can choose either level of sync. This will allow you to see your documents without taking any additional space on your hard drive.

Free users can enjoy Dropbox’s “selective sync” whereas the smart sync allows you to only share your files online from your desktop. But using the selective sync means you need to download your files to the desktop to open them.

Storage Space for Your Thoughts

When it’s time to select the best cloud storage you need to be confident in your choice. How is that possible? Go through the reviews and official sites of the online document storage providers. Study their plans for individuals, starters, and businesses. In the end, you can choose the one that fits best your business’s needs and budget.