8 Best Project Task Management Software for Accountants

8 Best Accounting and Project Management Software

Project management accounting software can help an accounting firm plan its resources in an effective manner ensuring that its work is delivered to the clients in a timely manner. Accounting and project management software helps manage the day-to-day operations of an accounting firm and enables the managing of engagements prospectively with the help of tools like timesheets.

It’s crucial to start out organized because keeping track of all the different records and how long to keep them might become difficult. Your office space could be swiftly taken over by your records if you don’t find an appropriate way to store them all. Additionally, if you don’t organize how you save them, you won’t be able to locate documents when you need them. 

Records may be kept in hard copy or digital form. Both have advantaged and disadvantages, and many companies utilize a variety of storage options to keep themselves organized. Some storage solutions include:

Electronic Storage

The ease and speed with which authorized individuals can obtain urgent or crucial information is this solution’s main benefit. There are various kinds of electronic storage options available. Depending on the use case, one must decide which option to use.

Free Solutions

When working collaboratively, storage services like Box.com or DropBox are great for non-private data; you may exchange marketing and promotional materials among various groups inside the organization. Utilizing these kinds of solutions has the benefit of being free. But these systems frequently have minimal, if any, security. The company’s cap table or financial data shouldn’t be kept in an unsecured location.

As a general guideline, you shouldn’t store a document in free online storage space if you would shred physical copies of it.

Paid Services

It is recommended to employ a paid online service when document storage and distribution is necessary during financial transactions that include numerous outside parties (lawyers, venture capital companies, auditors, etc.). These services typically offer a greater number of security options and much-improved security breach protection.

A virtual data room or document preservation place with secure sharing features is one electronic option you can buy. Using this software, you may scan documents into a storage system, arrange them, and grant access to a limited number of authorized individuals both inside and outside the boundaries of your firm. For transactions like audits, mergers, acquisitions, equity investment rounds, 409A valuations, patent management, and equity investments, virtual data rooms are made.

Sharing software services and online document storing are cloud computing apps, meaning your documents are kept off-site rather than in your workplace, on a secure server. You and your staff can connect to the server from anywhere and on any internet-enabled device to upload, download, or exchange sensitive information.

There are many benefits to adopting this kind of software, but it’s crucial to conduct your research to make sure it will meet your demands for general use and security before choosing one. These solutions’ filing system, which can keep papers organized in an indexed or user-specific style, is one of their advantages.

Once the papers are kept on the server, you might be able to throw away a sizable portion of the paper copies of non-essential documents as well. By doing this, the business may reduce the number of papers kept in the office and the expense of buying paper in general. This is advantageous for both the environment and the organization. Utilizing electronic document storage properly will result in significantly less paper usage.

A Benefit of Paid Solutions is Security

It is essential to regard web security equally to internal physical security when keeping or distributing sensitive and significant business information. You do not want the information to get into the wrong hands if sensitive material is being disclosed to potential investors.

To put it mildly, managing the paperwork, filing, and organizing necessary for efficiently running your business can be a hassle. You can easily maintain track of documents, though, provided you utilize a sensible organizational system that is safe. If you maintain organization, you’ll never have to be concerned about facing financial or legal consequences for misplacing crucial papers.

Some of the best project task management software for accountants are listed below to help you choose the best option for your accounting firm. These are:

  1. Monday.com


Monday.com, formerly known as “DaPulse” is a great project management software that allows assignment and tracking of tasks, and following the processes of the team and projects much easier. It allows customization of your work view making it a favorite for clients that love to visualize their work. Any project would benefit from this accounting management software. Some of its best features are:

    • iOS and Android apps
    • Unlimited free viewers
    • Unlimited boards that can also be shared with guests
    • Very engaging interface
    • Intuitive design
    • Over 20 column types
    • File storage
    • Activity log
    • Visualize overall workflow at micro and macro levels
    • Visualize the processes and tasks with Kanban, map, and lists
    • Automation
    • Dashboards that allow access to macro and micro levels
    • Integrations with platforms like Google Drive, Slack, and Automation capabilities
    • Timeline and calendar view
    • Map view
    • Advanced search
    • Custom tags
    • Forms customization
    • Formula column
    • Time tracking
    • Private boards
    • Cloud-based

It offers a 14-day free trial with prices starting at $39 per month.

  1. Wrike


Wrike is an accounting and project management software that was among the first ones to switch to cloud format in 2003. It is a task management software for the accounting and CPA industry that fits well into the “enterprise” project as well. It is an extremely popular management software for larger companies, but not as common in smaller or mid-size firms. If you are working as a solo accountant, you might still want to try it because of its great functionality.

Some of the best features of this software are:

    • Task and subtask management
    • Email integration
    • Project management
    • Gantt charts
    • Share dashboards
    • Event calendar
    • Real-time reports with scheduled notifications
    • Time tracking
    • Easy integration with Excel, RSS, MS Project, and Salesforce
    • Graphical analytics
    • Assign collaborators to tasks
    • Request forms
    • Custom fields and workflows
    • Project and Task approvals
    • User groups and permissions
    • Branded workspace

It offers a free trial for the paid plan, for 14 days, with prices starting at $9.80 per month.

  1. Asana


Asana is one of the accounting management software that is developed by one of the Facebook co-founders. It was initially launched as a free task management software, offering modern yet simple tools. It is a high-powered management software that helps in the organization of tasks at both a micro and macro level. This accounting project software has very easy-to-understand features and a very straightforward UI that makes it ultra-easy for users.

Some of its best features include:

    • Project views like boards, calendars, timelines, and lists
    • Tasks and subtasks management
    • Custom fields
    • Integration with Salesforce
    • Automation, and great process management capabilities
    • Due dates, start dates, and times
    • Approval routing
    • Templates and forms
    • Attachment
    • Overview page for the product including all the project details
    • Sync tasks across projects
    • Custom templates
    • Copy projects
    • Cloud-based

It offers a free 30-day trial for the paid plan with pricing starting from $10.99 per user per month.

  1. Clickup


Clickup fulfills all your task and project management needs in a single place. This accounting and project management software is so functional and powerful that new accountants might need to spend a lot of time figuring out how it operates. It brings together documents, chats, time and enables viewing of projects. The users are able to switch between 4 viewing modes. The capabilities of this project management accounting software are excessive for accountants. However, it hosts a number of impressive capabilities like custom statuses, hierarchy, drag-and-drop reordering, recurring checklists, and more. It does not offer client-centric software but otherwise hosts a number of useful features.

Some of the main features of click up are:

    • Equally efficient for both solo workers and teams
    • Dashboard view
    • Multitask toolbar
    • Draft tasks
    • Team templates
    • Bulk rescheduling
    • Workload chart
    • Task mentions

Process management tools that include:

    • Checklist and status templates
    • Task dependencies
    • Custom statuses
    • Multiple assignees
    • Sprints
    • Goals
    • Resolve comments
    • Scrum points
    • People sidebar
    • Workload chart
    • Wiki and Docs
    • Reminders

Task management tools include:

    • Favorite views among 4 different views
    • Filter and search
    • Sorting
    • Hierarchy
    • Recurring tasks
    • Task tray
    • Templates
    • Right-click menus
    • Task and subtasks mentions
    • Draft tasks
    • Task checklists
    • Portfolios
    • Copy projects, lists, and spaces
    • Priorities
    • Epics
    • Inbox
    • Team templates
    • Cloud-based

It offers a free 30-day trial for the paid plan with pricing starting at $5 per user per month.


  1. My CPA dashboard

My Cpa dashboard

My CPA Dashboard is a management software for accountants that makes their lives easier given a load of accounting paperwork and client requests. This software for accountants is an online tool designed to make accountants’ lives easier, and stress-free. It helps regulate daily financial activities like calculating tax deductions and bookkeeping. This software makes it easier in the long run for the CPAs, bookkeepers, accountants, and tax professionals to easily communicate with clients without any hassle. All the information is securely uploaded without any other interventions enabling the removal of paperwork required by the CPA management software

The main features of this web portal are:

It offers a 30-day free trial with prices starting at $49 per month with unlimited users.

  1. Zoho Projects


Zoho is an accounting and project management software that is the best solution for keeping track of everything whether it is a simple task or complex project, all in one place. It is a great, and cheap alternative to many task project management tools. Zoho hosts a number of applications from CRM to billing and offers full-blown customer support tools. It lacks a client-centric platform. However, it hosts a number of useful features.

Some of its best features are:

    • Email Integration
    • Task Management
    • Mobile App for both iOS and androids
    • Data Imports/Exports
    • Activity Management
    • Application Integration
    • Workflow and budget Management
    • Gantt Charts
    • Portfolio Management
    • Dashboard
    • Version Control
    • Issue Tracking
    • Third-Party Integration
    • Time Tracking by Project
    • Two-Factor Authentication
    • Billable & Non-Billable Hours
    • Third-party integrations
    • Drag & Drop
    • IT Budgeting
    • Bulk Uploading

It offers a free trial for 10 days on the paid plan with prices starting at $18 per month.

  1. Basecamp


Basecamp is an accounting and project management software that helps creatives and teams manage their projects. The software lacks the availability of client profiles, however, it has an amazing record of project management and is an easy-to-use task management software. It also enables adding of unlimited clients and projects, exchanging messages, creating to-do lists, and time tracking tools.

Some of its best features are:

    • Projects
    • Milestone tracking
    • Discussions
    • File sharing
    • Calendar
    • To-do lists
    • Time tracking
    • Messages
    • Cloud-based
    • Affordable
    • Easy learning curve
    • Manage several projects simultaneously

It offers a free 60-day trial with prices starting at $20 per month. If you are a student, you might get a free account.

  1. Trello


Trello is the easiest accounting and task management software in the market that enables collaboration, managing projects, and reaching new productivity peaks. It provides a Kanban view, arranges your projects into boards, and gathers your tasks into cards. It fits into both the professional and personal categories. Trello is a project management accounting software that is simple and easy to use and offers a very user-friendly app.

Some of the best features of this software are:

    • Team board templates
    • Custom fields
    • Personal boards
    • Cards
    • Board collections
    • Observers
    • Custom background and stickers
    • Calendar and map view
    • Card repeater
    • Lists
    • 100+ app integrations
    • Voting
    • Cloud-based

It does not offer a free plan. Its prices start at $9.99 per user per month.


All the accounting and project management software mentioned above is cloud-based. They all offer mobile versions as well, with both iOS and Android. You need to choose based on your personal requirements and specifications, and the prices that you can afford.

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