6 Reasons To Use A CPA Client Portal Software

Due to the ongoing pandemic, the ways of interaction between CPAs and accountants have changed. They are now preferring engaging digitally. This outbreak of the pandemic has greatly changed the ways of communication. So now digital interactions are widely used which should basically focus on the customer’s relationship. The demand and need for customers in 2020 are digital alternatives rather than manual ones. They prefer using an online client portal for CPAs or a client dashboard for CPAs. Such CPA Client Portal can right away provide them access to a fortune of digital resources, which helps them build their or their organization’s image.

Now that we have discussed that digital ways of communication are more in demand, we will further discuss what modern clients expect their digital experiences to be like.

Clients demand responsiveness, easy engagement, and easy-to-use experiences throughout. CPA Secure Client Portals are one way to create consistent and personalized experiences. MY CPA Dashboard makes sure that its client dashboard meets these modern expectations.

Why Use A CPA Client Portal Or Client Portal Software

A CPA Client Portal Software can meet the unique needs of CPAs by delivering satisfying services and specific tools according to their needs.

The establishment of Client Portal Software does require extensive resources. But investing in great client software with the following elements can help CPAs build an effective platform to serve their clients in a better way:

  1. High Availability And Expandability As The Business Expands

Regardless of the kind of your business goals and business growth, a great client portal software should have a feature of high availability and expandability. This feature makes sure that the software is built to relieve the issues faced during natural pandemics like COVID-19. Not only the software must be secure but it should be also capable of handling the increasing amount of work or clients and expanding when necessary as a business grows.

  1. Robust Self-Service Competency

According to recent research, the majority of CPAs say that they prefer using client portals or choose client portal software that offers self-service features. Self-service features such as service requests and chat services are no longer secondary tools but have become basic necessities. These functions are now expected by most clients and software that includes these self-service features provides a speedy digital experience.

  1. Highly Flexible And User-Friendliness

Client Portal can vary in flexibility and adaptability. A great client portal will be one that can adjust according to your needs. A business with a team of CPAs can benefit from a portal that allows flexibility.

If a firm doesn’t have IT-related persons to guide you all the time, they should find software that provides easy-to-understand and out-of-the-box features and tools that non-technical team members could also learn and use.

A client portal’s ability to facilitate simple and practical client contact is one of its best features. All correspondence is kept in one location for easy access by you and your clients at any time. This avoids time-consuming tasks and guarantees that all communications are accurately recorded.

  1. Security To Protect Your Customer’s Information

Client Portals for CPAs contain sensitive information such as customers’ credit card information and other account details. A secure client portal, with features such as encryption and SSL, will allow CPAs to feel safe when saving private information or accessing sensitive documents. Security is expected so be sure to deliver a secure experience for users.

  1. In-Depth Analytical Tools For Improvement Of Customer Experience

Digital experience should not remain static. Digital experiences should always be analyzed, examined, and improved based on previous results. Software Companies should be aware of the response their client portal software is receiving if secure information is easily approachable, this aspect negatively impacts user behavior. Worthwhile client portal software will include extensive analytical tools that create reports that examine the effectiveness of the portal and provide information that helps to improve the whole customer experience.

  1. Client-Centered Functional Capacities

In conclusion, a client portal should boost the client experience with the usage of client portal software. When you start searching for the Best software for CPAs, consider ones that include features that would best benefit you. Every client portal will have different features and functions because each CPA will have different needs and goals. Whether the software has an advanced search feature or multilingual support, choose the software that has capabilities that can best serve you and help you serve your customers.

While there are many components of a great client portal software, the most important elements are the ones that will build a satisfying customer experience for CPAs and help CPAs maintain a long-term relationships with their customers. A portal that is custom-tailored to your needs is essential for your success.

  1. Centralized Operations

It is not only inconvenient for you as the agency owner when customer information, invoices, and messages are dispersed across numerous platforms. Additionally, it is a burden for your clients and customers.

The ability of your clients to simply view the progress of all of their orders and receive reports and invoices without having to email you is one of the main advantages of having a self-service client portal for your business.

  1. Customer Reporting in Real-time

You can create custom reports in Google Data Studio for any type of advertising service and embed them in your Portal for a single client. You can integrate any report with a link in your client portal.

  1. Your Own Personal Referral System

For service providers, word-of-mouth is quite important. Having an affiliate part where your clients are encouraged to spread the word about your offerings substantially amplifies recommendations.

You may track commissions from your clients using the affiliates module, which is included with MyCPADashboard. You can either add money to their account balance by adding credit, or you can download a CSV file to manage payments via PayPal quickly.

Speaking of credit, this brings up a very useful feature for anyone working with clients who operate with major agencies.

  1. Account balance-based billing that is streamlined

Large agencies that you serve as white-label providers are probably not interested in having a separate transaction for each and every small purchase they make from you.

With MyCPADashboard, you receive an easy deposit system in your client portal, allowing agencies to deposit any amount and use the remaining balance for subsequent purchases. You already know that a quicker checkout results in more sales.

    • Saved payment options

Every time a consumer uses a finance company to make a purchase from you, we save their information so they can easily place future orders with just one click.

Users can also immediately manage their payment options with you through the best client portal.

    • Downloading old bills

Have you ever had a client request an invoice for accounting a few weeks later? They can now download all of their bills from your client site directly. For each payment you get via MyCPADashboard, they are automatically created.

  1. Provide Timely and Full Payment to You

The money is promptly transferred to your finance company account after a client pays for your services through your client portal. As a result, you receive payment promptly and in full, free from the hassles that come with conventional payment processing techniques.

Additionally, with automated invoicing, you can be sure that all payments are tracked and accurately recorded. In fact, the best client portal allows both you and your customers to download previous bills. So it’s as simple as clicking a button to send an invoice to a client for accounting needs.

  1. Don’t have to be built in-house

Consider how costly, time-consuming, and honestly unreliable it would be to construct all of this yourself using tools that were not designed for the sale of services.

You would need to combine affiliate, invoicing, messaging, CRM, project management, and other tools in order to create anything comparable.

In MyCPADashboard, everything is prepared for you right out of the box. Furthermore, your customer portal is completely customizable (not in a hacky way like WordPress). Underlying templates’ HTML can be changed, and you can also add your own CSS styling, tracking codes, and other things.

  1. The capability of Monitoring Client Performance and Activity

You may monitor client activity and performance via the best client portal. This information is necessary to comprehend how your services are being used and to spot any areas that could use enhancement.

You may learn useful information about the most popular services, how much money each client brings in, and other things with the help of comprehensive reports on customer activity. You can use this information to inform your company decisions and help you provide better services.

The client interface also offers performance information on all transactions carried out through your finance company account. You may track your earnings from each service using this data, as well as determine which ones are the most lucrative.

  1. Make Purchasing Your Services Simple

According to our experience, the main advantage of having the best client portal for your agency is that it is applicable to all services. Let’s examine a few instances.

    • The layout of a service database

If you provide any kind of guest blogging services with a huge variety of properties, you can display them all in a neat searchable database in your client portal.

    • Order forms in bulk

These are special order forms that allow customers to copy information from a spreadsheet and place purchases in bulk. The best aspect is that any order form may be included in your client portal.

    • Any kind of service

This is how your customer portal will typically display your services. To assist in the organization of what you’re selling, you can put your services into folders and add your photographs and descriptions.

    • Up-to-date client profiles

The customer’s profile page, where they may edit their contact information, billing information, and any custom CRM fields you’ve established, is another helpful feature of the client portal.

  1. Support Your Efforts to Cross- and Upsell Your Services

Customer portals are a fantastic tool for cross-selling and upselling your services. Clients can readily get details about all the services you provide thanks to a client portal. This makes it simple for them to identify the services they require and enables them to see the advantages of using your services.

Additionally, customer portals like MyCPA Dashboards let you provide customers discounts and add-ons at the point of sale to entice them to make additional purchases.

CPA Client Portals Provide The Following Solutions


CPA Secure Client Portals are very good at many things such as communication with clients, secure document sharing, document management, etc. The powerful association is also easily accessible, which results in better and stronger customer loyalty and satisfaction. My CPA Dashboard provides different CPA Solutions under one roof. CPAs can Automate their document workflow with the best CPAs dashboard built by Accountants for Accountants. The easy-to-use paperless portal also helps clients to connect with their CPAs which results in improvement of client communication and satisfaction.